Larry Nassar’s Final Sentence Ensures He’ll Never Be Free

The former national medical coordinator for USA Gymnastics has been sentenced for the third and final time as of this morning at the end of a trial that has shaken the gymnastics community to its very core.

Larry Nassar’s Crimes

Larry Nassar’s trial has been one of utter shock for almost the entirety of it. Nassar has been accused of multiple instances of molestation and sexual assault against numerous gymnasts going as far back as 1992. Some of the gymnasts were adults, some were minors. There were also charges related to child pornography found in his home.

With the number of victims numbering somewhere around 265, the chances of Larry Nassar getting away with his crimes any longer were non-existent.

150 Victim Statements

Before his final sentencing commenced, 150 of Nassar’s victims appeared in court and read victim impact statements to the crowded courtroom. The statements detailed how Nassar’s molestation and sexual assaults affected their lives and forever changed them.

Seventeen-year-old Jessica Thomashow told the court:

“You took advantage of my innocence and trust. You were my doctor. Why? I ask myself that question all the time. What you did to me was twisted. You manipulated me and my entire family. How dare you.”

After they were done, Nassar offered up a meek and apparently unconvincing apology. “It’s impossible to convey the breadth and depth of how sorry I am to each and everyone,” he said.

Final Sentencing

Monday marked Nassar’s third and final round of sentencing. He was first sentenced on child pornography charges on December 7, 2017. He was sentenced to 60 years.

The second set of charges against Nassar were those that pertained to the sexual assault and abuse of gymnasts at Michigan State University. These charges carried a sentence of 40 to 175 years. This sentence was handed out on January 24, 2018. It’s set to begin after the child pornography sentence has been fulfilled.

Today comes the final sentencing for Nassar, related to molestation and sexual assault charges incurred during Nassar’s work at the Michigan gymnastics training facility known as Twistars. Nassar was sentenced to 40 to 125 years.

Life in Prison

Larry Nassar’s life in prison will be a challenge at the very least. Due to the nature of the sentences being served back to back, Nassar will never be a free man again. Assuming he even makes it that far.

Child molesters tend to have a notoriously hard time when it comes to prison stays. The judge in Nassar’s second trial even remarked during sentencing that “I’ve just signed your death warrant. I find that you don’t get it, that you’re a danger. That you remain a danger.”

Justice may be done, but for his victims, the healing may only be beginning. For more on Nassar’s case, check out Larry Nassar Sexual Abuse Scandal: Accused Enablers Face Reckoning.