LAPD Veteran Officer under Investigation for Sexual Assault of a Minor

The Los Angeles Police Department has yet another ongoing inquiry, as a veteran officer is now under investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor.

Information on the Investigation

Due to the nature of the investigation, certain details are being kept confidential, but here are the basics. The Torrance Police Department is currently investigating a veteran LAPD officer for the sexual assault of a minor. The LAPD, meanwhile, is conducting their own administrative investigation into the allegations.

The officer in question was working from the West Los Angeles station. A statement from the LAPD stated that the officer is currently on leave until the investigation concludes. According to NBC4, the officer was originally hired in October 1995, and was involved in a fatal police shooting in 2009.

The victim is reported to be 13 years old, but details were not confirmed due to privacy concerns. It should be noted that, as of this writing, no charges have been filed.

A Number of Officer Investigations

This is just the latest in a number of investigations in the past month that have put the LAPD under scrutiny.

On April 26, Officer Mambasse Koulabalo Patara was charged by federal officials for allegedly illegally transporting two men into the United States from Mexico.

One day later, Sgt. James Kelly was arrested after a single-vehicle car crash in Glendale, California. The investigation alleged that Kelly was driving under the influence of alcohol. As part of the same investigation, Commander Nicole Mehringer was also detained. Charges have not yet been filed, but are expected.

Later that same week, Officer John Bailey was charged and arrested for worker’s compensation fraud. The LAPD also launched personal complaint investigations on all three officers involved in the incidents.