Kologi Family Killings: New Year’s Celebration Turns Into Tragedy after Shooting

When the Kologi family were waiting at home for the new year to come, little did they know that they would never see it. Scott Kologi, 16, allegedly turned a semi-automatic rifle on his family and shot dead his father, mother, sister, and a family friend. He has been charged with four counts of murder.

Four members of the Kologi family were killed in a Jersey Shore home on December 31, 2017 and police are pointing the finger at 16-year-old Scott Kologi. Scott’s father Steven, his mother Linda, his sister Brittany, and their family friend Mary Schultz were riddled with bullets from a semi-automatic rifle.

The suspected murder weapon was legally registered to a member of the Kologi family.

Scott’s older brother, Steven Jr., and his grandfather were also present in the house at the time of the shooting but were uninjured.

Police on the Scene at the Kologi Family Home

Police received a 911 call about the shooting at 11:43 p.m. on December 31 from inside the victims’ house. When they arrived, they found all four victims dead.

Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni said, “It’s a terribly tragic incident.”

Scott was arrested by police without any difficulty and the rifle was seized from him.

The authorities have not yet determined a motive for the killings. They said the deaths were the result of a domestic violence incident and there is no danger to the general public.

“The Nicest Kid in the World”

People who knew Scott were shocked by the news that the autistic teen had allegedly killed his own family. Joe Rios, a 52-year-old family friend, described Scott as “the nicest kid in the world.”

He added: “He came to watch the softball games with his mother Linda and was always smiling. This is totally out of the blue. This is not something I ever thought this young boy would do. I don’t know what happened. He was not a violent kid. He was always smiling.”

Because of his autism, Scott required special assistance and education, which was provided by his mother. He did not attend regular public school.

Scott has been charged with four counts of murder and a weapons offense. He is expected to be tried as an adult.