Kingsport, Tennessee Shooting: Two Injured at Hog Wild Saloon

In Kingsport, Tennessee, an early morning shooting at Hog Wild Saloon has left two people injured. This isn’t the first crime in recent years to occur at this establishment.

In the early morning hours of March 2, 2018, there was a shooting at the Hog Wild Saloon in Kingsport, Tenessee. We have the breaking news details here and will update when police provide more information on the investigation.

2 a.m. Shooting at Kingsport Saloon

Details about the incident are still coming in, but here’s what we know so far.

At approximately 2:00 a.m. today, shots rang out at the Hog Wild Saloon on 1009 West Stone Drive in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Police and EMTs responded quickly.

At least two people were shot and injured. They were transported to a local healthcare facility. Detectives are conducting an ongoing investigation.

As of this writing, no suspects have been identified to the public.

A History of Violence

The Hog Wild Saloon is not an unknown location to Kingsport police. In 2016, three men attacked two others coming out of the bar, holding them against their will and stealing their belongings.

If you have any information about this Kingsport shooting, you are encouraged to call the Kingsport police department at (423) 246-9111.