Kimberly Kessler: What We Know about the Prime Suspect in Joleen Cummings’ Disappearance

Kimberly Kessler was missing for more than a decade before she was found living a hundred miles away with a new identity. She is also a prime suspect in the May 12, 2018 disappearance of Joleen Cummings.

Authorities in Butler County, Pennsylvania were searching for Kimberly Kessler when she disappeared in 2004. Her family almost gave up hope, as authorities looked at the possibilities of her being kidnapped or murdered.

About Jennifer Marie Sybert
Known AsKimberly Lee Kessler
Weight170 lbs
ChargesPossession of a counterfeit passport and grand theft auto
Bond Amount$500,000

Little did they know that Kessler was living under a different name, in a different state. Though her family is happy that she is alive, they are confused as to why she started a new life. 

Kimberly Kessler Went Missing in 2004

Kimberly Lee Kessler was last seen in Butler, Pennsylvania on July 4, 2004. She was 35 years old at the time of her disappearance. Born on May 9, 1968, her missing person poster described her as a white woman who is  5’5”. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance were said to be suspicious.

Her mother, along with her sister Sarah, first started the search for Kimberly. 

Statement from People Who Knew Kessler as a Child

A local news outlet wanted to know what residents of Butler had to say about the Kimberly Kessler they remember. Glenn Schaffer (who bought her childhood home) said, “She got accused of stealing from some of the jobs she was at. She lost her job quickly.”

A couple who knew Kessler as a child explained that she was nice, but became violent when she was upset with her brother. Maria Mills reportedly once told Kessler that she can’t “kill [her brother] with a bat.”

From Kimberly Kessler to Jennifer Sybert

Authorities were shocked to find out that Kessler left her family behind to live in Jacksonville, Florida. Under the name Jennifer Sybert, she used a fake Social Security number to work at a salon called Tangles, where Joleen Cummings worked. She has only been working at the salon for about a month. 

When it was revealed that Kessler and Sybert were the same person, many social media sleuths began their investigation.

Tina Davis McDowell Photo on Kimberly Kessler

Photo: Tina Davis McDowell/

One person discovered that Kessler got her alias from North Cemetery in Butler, Pennsylvania, where a woman named Jennifer Marie Sybert died from a car accident on June 13, 1987, in Rheinbert, Germany.

How Are Kimberly Kessler and Joleen Cummings Connected?

Joleen Cummings, 34, is a mother of three who went missing on May 13, 2018. She was last seen leaving work on May 12, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. in Yulee, Florida.

Cummings was supposed to pick her kids up from her ex-husband’s house in Hilliard for Mother’s Day. However, she never showed up. According to sources, Cummings and Kessler worked in the same salon.

On May 15, when detectives showed up at the salon to speak to the woman they believed was Jennifer Sybert, she wasn’t there. 

Authorities learned that Kessler was last seen driving Cummings’ car, leading them to name her as a suspect in the 34-year-old’s disappearance. Surveillance footage showed somebody parking Cummings’ car (a Ford Expedition) at a Yulee Home Depot on May 14.

Joleen Cummings

Joleen Cummins Missing (Photo: Facebook/100016718020821)

The driver reportedly sat inside the vehicle for a few minutes before getting out. The person was later identified as Kimberly Kessler (aka Jennifer Sybert).

Kessler Charged with Possession of a Counterfeit Passport, and Grand Theft Auto

On May 16, investigators discovered that Kessler was living out of her car (a black Kia) in St. John’s County. The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office located her at a truck stop. She was arrested and charged by the FBI with possession of a counterfeit passport.

Kessler was also charged in Nassau County with grand theft auto, and is also considered to be a suspect in Joleen Cummings’ disappearance.

Other of Kessler’s aliases include Pamela Kleber/Kleiber, and Kimberly Lee.

She is currently in Nassau County Jail and Detention Center, with bond set at $500,000.

Kimberly Kessler is set to appear in court on June 7, 2018. Authorities are currently questioning her about Cummings’ disappearance, and hope she can confirm whether or not the missing mother is alive.