Kim Wall Wiki: Everything You Need to Know about the Submarine Death

In this Kim Wall wiki, we’ll take a look at the life of Swedish journalist whose life ended brutally at the hands of an engineer on a submarine. We’ll also update you on the latest on Peter Madsen, who has now been convicted in her death.

We’ll follow everything from her education and beginnings as a journalist, to the tragic and senseless end of her life. This is everything you need to know about Kim Wall.

Early Years and Education

Kim Isabel Fredrika Wall was born in Trelleborg, Scania, Sweden on March 23, 1987. Her parents are Ingrid and Joachim Wall. She also had a younger brother named Tom. It was at Malmö Borgarskola in Malmö, Sweden where Wall went into an international education stream that helped develop her interest in international news and studies.

Wall obtained her bachelor’s degree at London School of Economics and Political Science in 2011 with a focus on international relations. As part of her program, she spent a few months studying at the University of Bejing.

This was followed by an admission to Columbia University where she studied for a dual master’s degree in international affairs and journalism.


Wall’s career in journalism was relatively short. But the amount she managed to accomplish in that time is impressive.

During her career, she wrote for a number of publications including Vice, The Guardian, The New York Times, Time, and Slate.

Kim Wall

Photo: Facebook/kimwallmemorialfund

German newspaper, Süddeutsche Zeitung awarded Wall the Hansel Mieth Prize for Best Digital Reporting. The prize was awarded for her work on a story about climate change and nuclear testing in the Marshall Islands called “Exodus.”

Kim Wall’s Death

Kim Wall died on either August 10 or August 11, 2017. She accepted an invitation by inventor and engineer Peter Madsen to interview him on his submarine, UC3 Nautilus. She did not return home alive.

On August 11, Madsen’s sub was located as it began to sink. He was rescued by a private boat. Initially, he claimed that he dropped Wall off the evening before, but soon changed that story to one that had Wall die due to an accident. Two weeks later, Wall’s torso washed up on a beach. The rest of her dismembered body part was found later.

Madsen was eventually charged with Wall’s murder. Prosecutors allege that he planned from the start to torture and murder Wall. He denied that he murdered Wall, claiming that her death was an accident.

Peter Madsen’s Trial and Sentencing

Madsen’s trial began on March 8, 2018 in Copenhagen. Facing two judges and two jurors, the prosecution reviewed Madsen’s psychiatric report, which showed a high intelligence, and lack of remorse. Prosecutors wanted Madsen to be given life in prison, which in Denmark is a minimum of 16 years, while the defense thought Madsen should only get six months for dismembering Wall’s body.

The inventor maintained that Wall’s death was accidental, but the claim was soon dismissed. Though initially claiming that he was not a “violent” person, two weeks into his trial, Madsen admitted to beheading Wall after she died. He claimed that the stab wounds were made postmortem by a sharpened screwdriver, to ensure that Wall’s body parts would sink.

As the trial went on, prosecutors claimed that Madsen tied Wall with her own stocking before she was “impaled.” They believe the reason behind this was sexual, but Madsen’s lawyer argued that they were using “undocumented claims.”

On April 25, 2018, Peter Madsen was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole. Though the minimum period behind bars is 16 years, the sentencing can be extended if needed.


While her life and career may have been cut short, Wall left a very good legacy. Her stories still exist and the best of which can be found on a memorial website named in her honor.

Wall’s family and friends also set up the Kim Wall Memorial Fund, which aims to help fund female reporters to cover stories of subcultural value. The fund hopes to help out and inspire the kind of writer Wall was, and wanted to be.