Kevin Janson Neal’s Wife Body Found in the House

On November 14, 2017, a man named Kevin Janson Neal set off in a stolen truck and started randomly shooting at the residents of Tehama County, California. The shooting was so disturbing that Neal is now being called the “Rancho Tehama shooter.” Police investigating the case have said that the possible motive behind the shooting spree was a domestic violence incident. Reportedly, Neal had an argument with his wife and later shot her. If you want to know more about Kevin Janson Neal’s wife and her murder, then keep on reading.

Kevin Janson Neal started shooting people at random on Tuesday morning near his house in the rural town of Rancho Tehama, California. Sheriff’s officials claim that after he murdered his wife, Neal drove to the nearby Rancho Tehama Elementary School. But luckily, the school was already on a lockdown when administrators heard the gunshots.

When he could not enter the school’s property, Neal drove away and was chased by the authorities. He was forced off the road and killed by the officers.

Five people were killed and at least 14 injured during Neal’s deadly rampage, authorities said Wednesday.

Kevin Janson Neal’s Wife’s Murder

On Tuesday night, his wife’s body was discovered by local officials. Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said, “We found her dead body concealed under the floorboards of the residence last night. She was obviously the victim of several gunshot wounds. That was probably what started this whole event.”

When the officials were conducting interviews after Tuesday’s shooting, one of the neighbors reportedly explained that they heard “a domestic incident” between Neal and his wife on Monday night. Speaking about the cold-blooded murder of Neal’s wife, Johnston said, “He had literally cut a hole on his floor. We are confident that he murdered her, shot her, at some point probably late Monday, and literally just put her body in the floor and covered it up.”

According to sources, Neal likely killed his wife on Monday. Nobody knows what he did after he killed his wife until the next morning when he set out on a shooting spree.

It has been reported that the five victims include a female neighbor he’d assaulted earlier this year. Sources further claim that Neal constructed the semi-automatic weapons that he apparently used in the shooting spree. Johnston explained, “Two semi-automatic rifles with multi-round clips were seized. These firearms are manufactured illegally, we believe by him, in his home. They were obtained in an illegal manner, not through a legal process. They were not registered.”