Details of Kevin Esterly and Amy Yu’s Relationship Revealed by Stacey Esterly

The man accused of fleeing with 16-year-old Amy Yu to Mexico is now behind bars. Kevin Esterly’s wife opened up to Dr.Phil about the relationship between the teen and her husband, mentioning that Yu was part of their lives since she was eight years old.

Kevin Esterly’s wife, Stacy Esterly gave an exclusive update to Dr.Phil McGraw about the affair her husband had with 16-year-old Amy Yu. Despite reports, she wants to believe that the affair was not sexual. Esterly told McGraw that she became “jealous” of Amy after her husband began giving her more attention in the weeks leading up to their disappearance.

Kevin Esterly and Amy Yu Met over Eight Years Ago

According to court documents, Kevin Esterly is a concrete contractor. He has been married to Stacey Esterly since 2005, and has four children with her. He met Amy Yu and her family at church, as she was friends with the Esterly’s eldest daughter.

Yu was only eight when she met Kevin Esterly, whose wife told McGraw that she, Kevin, and their kids thought of Yu as family. Yu reportedly accompanied them on vacations, frequently slept over at the Esterly’s, and was always around. As time passed, it seems as though Yu and Kevin developed a different relationship, which Stacey does not want to believe was sexual in nature.

Dr. Phil’s Interview with Stacey Esterly

Stacey Esterly recalled the day that she first felt as though something was going on between Yu and her husband.

It was when they were on vacation, and she was in the hotel room with her children. Amy Yu and Kevin Esterly were allegedly down at the beach taking pictures together, “like a couple.”

Stacey said she was “jealous” of Yu, because she wasn’t “getting the attention” from her husband that Yu was. Stacey claims she knew of their relationship for eight months before Amy Yu and Kevin Esterly went missing, only to be found in Cancun, Mexico in March 2018.

But her marriage with Kevin started having problems in June 2017. Stacey Esterly also told Dr. Phil that she began noticing that her husband wanted Yu around all the time. Amy Yu used to call Stacey “mom,” but when Stacey approached the teenager after a fight with Kevin about the affair, Yu’s attitude changed.

Stacey told Yu that she wasn’t welcome in her home anymore, and that she was “going to her mother.” Yu, she said, only had snide remarks.

After telling the teenager that she needed to stay in her own home for a while, Stacey recalled Yu telling her, “Why am I going to punish myself just because Kevin is acting like a jerk?”

Stacey Reveals Details of Kevin’s Affair

When Stacey Esterly confronted Yu about her relationship with Kevin, the teenager allegedly said: “Oh my goodness, why would you ask that he’s my dad.”

After asking her husband about the affair, Stacey said that Kevin only told her that he thought of Amy Yu as his daughter.

However, Stacey claimed, Kevin rented an apartment close to Yu’s family home, without telling her. Though details as to what happened in the apartment are speculation at this time, Kevin reportedly called Stacey from Lehigh County Jail and told her that he will explain everything when he gets out.

Kevin Esterly Mugshot

Kevin Esterly Mugshot (Photo:

Before they disppeared, Kevin signed Yu out of school over 10 times, reportedly calling himself her stepfather to school officials.

On March 5, 2018, Yu did not go to school. Instead, she boarded a flight with Kevin Esterly and fled to Mexico. She stole approximately $10,000 from her mother, and Esterly withdrew $4,000 from a joint account he shared with his wife, leaving $0.28 in the account.

A local resident identified the duo and alerted police, leading to their arrest in Cancun.

Kevin Esterly Sued by Amy Yu’s Mother

Stacey Esterly filed for divorce, and will fight for custody of the couple’s four children. Kevin Esterly is charged with a felony interference of the custody of a minor, following which he may have to register as a sex offender for 15 years.

The 45-year-old was presented in court before District Justice Wayne Maura, and held on a $500,000 bond.

Amy Yu’s mother, Miu Luu, also filed a lawsuit against Kevin Esterly, as well Lehigh Valley Academy for allowing someone else to take her out of school without permissions.

The lawsuit states that Luu “suffered psychological damage” after not knowing her daughter’s whereabouts. It also claims that Luu had to pay for Amy Yu’s treatment in hospital, following her return to the States, and has to pay attorney fees. However, details of what she is seeking in damages or why her daughter is in the hospital are unknown at this time.