Kevin Barker Wiki: Things to Know about the Foster Parent Charged with Child Pornography

A Rancho Cordova man sits in a Sacramento jail cell facing federal charges related to child pornography. In this Kevin Barker wiki, we’ll take a look at his life up until this point as well as examine the current charges against them and how they came about.

Who Is Kevin Barker?

Currently, there is very little known about Kevin Barker beyond his current felony charges. The best look at Barker’s personal life at this time is his Facebook profile, which was only occasionally updated and appears to be set to a fairly heavy privacy setting.

Barker is listed as originally being from Agoura Hills, California and currently listed as living in Sacramento. He was a student at Agoura High School and later attended California Polytechnic State University. While Barker lists no current occupation, he did apparently work for the Intel Corporation at some point.

No family members are listed, but an apparent relative named Dan Barker commented on a few of Kevin Barker’s photos. There is very little evidence to Barker’s dating life beyond a photo of him and an unidentified woman, where his friends speculate on her identity and their relationship.

Barker is apparently a foster parent and has been so for some time according to his neighbors.

Details of Arrest

Authorities are currently keeping a number of details surrounding Kevin Barker’s arrest under wraps.

We know that his neighbor, John Poulson, reported Barker to authorities due to a video he found on a memory card the accused gave him. The video allegedly shows Barker installing a camera into a bathroom area with full view of a toilet and shower.

It is currently unknown if Poulson’s calls to the police are what triggered the investigation, or just added evidence to the case. Barker is currently being held on felony charges related to child pornography as well as a federal hold and charge related to sexual exploitation of children.

With his arrest, Barker’s foster children have been removed, and code enforcement placed a notice on the window of his home saying that it is unsafe to occupy.

Right now, Barker’s neighbors are wondering how far his child pornography allegations go. As Poulson told Fox 40 in Sacramento:

“My kids played over there, my fiancee’s kids played over there. It was just Kevin’s was the place where all the kids went.”