Kentucky High School Shooting: One Person Confirmed Dead, Seven Injured

One person is confirmed dead and at least seven others are injured after a Kentucky high school shooting. A suspect has been taken into custody.

The scene of the Kentucky high school shooting at Marshall County High School has been secured after police were called around 9:00 a.m. on January 23, 2018. The suspected gunman was captured by a Marshall County sheriff’s deputy, according to a state police tweet.

Darlene Lynn of Marshall County Emergency Management confirmed to CNN that seven people were taken to hospital. This information was also confirmed by Kentucky State Police. One person has been confirmed dead.

No motive for the shooting has been determined yet.

Governor Responds to Kentucky High School Shooting

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin tweeted in response to the shooting: “Tragic shooting at Marshall County HS…[Alleged] Shooter is in custody, one confirmed fatality, multiple others wounded…Much yet unknown…Please do not speculate or spread hearsay…Let’s let the first responders do their job and be grateful that they are there to do it for us…”

Bevin later issued a formal statement via Twitter as well. He said it was “unbelievable that this would happen in a small, close-knit community like Marshall County.” He cautioned the public to be patient and “allow the facts to come out.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has also tweeted to confirm its agents are on the scene of the Kentucky high school shooting.

Marshall County High School students were being taken by bus to North Marshall Middle School, where their parents could pick them up.

Marshall County is a community located 115 miles northwest of Nashville, Tennessee. The population consists of just over 30,000 people and the area was named Kentucky’s “Best County to Live In” from 1999 to 2009.

School shootings have already hit California, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, Washington State, and New Mexico this year.