Kenneth Lockings Jr. Accused of Murdering Girlfriend with Samurai Sword in Texas

Police allege that Kenneth Lockings Jr. used a samurai sword to nearly decapitate his girlfriend, Aracely Jernigan, in Houston.  Keep reading for more details.

In Texas, 45-year-old Kenneth Lockings Jr. has been charged with allegedly murdering his girlfriend with a samurai sword, nearly decapitating her in the process.

“Cutting in Progress”

On December 27 at 5:30 pm, Houston police responded to a call on the 10,000 block of Tangiers about a “cutting in progress.” What police found was the body of Aracely Jernigan, 36.

Jernigan’s head had almost been severed from her body. Further investigation revealed a packed bag at the door, filled with women’s clothes. This indicates she may have been preparing to leave the home.

Upon deeper examination of the blood splatter evidence, police determined that Lockings had allegedly held the sword with two hands and swung with a large amount of force. The suspected murder weapon was found near Jernigan’s body.

Lockings had received the samurai sword as a Thanksgiving gift, according to his grandmother.

Kenneth Lockings Jr. Turns Himself In

Kenneth Lockings Jr. turned himself in at the urging of his father, according to investigators’ reports.

Earlier on December 27, Lockings had refused to let his father and sister into the home where Jernigan was found.

Lockings was previously accused of assaulting a relative and convicted of felony cocaine possession.

But Why?

Why was Jernigan murdered in such a brutal fashion? Friends and neighbors of the couple stated that Jernigan had only recently returned to Houston after staying with family in Mexico for several months.

Marie Carrier, who lived next door to them, claimed that Kenneth Lockings Jr. has mental issues. “He’s really messed up in the head,” she said.

Did Jernigan decide that she was finally going to leave Lockings for good? And did Lockings attack her to prevent her departure? We may get more details of this crime on January 3, when Lockings is scheduled to be in court.