Stray Bullet from Shooting Hits School Bus Carrying Kids in Kansas City

A school bus with children on board got caught in the middle of a gun battle in Kansas City on February 8, 2018. The shooting left two people in separate vehicles injured.

Kansas City police spokesperson Lionel Colón said the shooting that ensnared the school bus began shortly before 5:00 p.m. near the 4500 block of Elmwood Avenue.

One of the vehicles hit by gunfire stopped nearby. A second vehicle drove to a fire station near 32nd Street and Indiana Avenue. Both injured parties were rushed to hospital.

One man had non-life-threatening injuries. A woman from the other vehicle had serious injuries, but she is in stable condition.

The Kansas City school bus carrying five children got caught in the shooting near 46th Street and Wabash Avenue. None of the children suffered injury.

“In the process of that gun battle, a school bus was nearby and also took a bullet,” Colón said. A window was shot out of the vehicle.

According to Ray Weikal, a spokesperson for Kansas City Public School, the bus was transporting students from nearby Melcher Elementary. The driver left the scene of the shooting immediately, ensuring the students’ safety.

After the shooting, investigators were at a home near 45th and Lawn Streets. The front of the house had been hit with about a dozen bullets.

“Be safe and put the guns away,” Colón warned, who added no suspects had been identified yet.