Kansas City School Allowed Girl to Be Picked up & Raped by Felon, Lawsuit Alleges

A former student is suing Kansas City Public Schools and two employees for allowing her to be picked up by a convicted felon, who later allegedly raped her. She was 14 years old at the time.

A lawsuit has been filed claiming that a Kansas City school allowed a 14-year-old female student to be picked up by a violent felon against school policy. According to the lawsuit, Roy Andrews allegedly took the girl to a motel and raped her.

The incident took place in May of 2010, when the plaintiff was 14 years of age. Today, she is 21 years old.

The plaintiff is suing Kansas City Public Schools and two employees for negligence and breach of duties. One employee is a former principal at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy. The other is an attendance secretary at that same school.

The suit alleges that Andrews told staff at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy that the student’s parents had given him permission to pick her up. However, he did not have any such authorization. The suit further alleges that the Kansas City school, ignoring its own established protocols, allowed the girl to leave with Andrews. After that, it’s alleged the convicted felon raped the teenager at a motel.

The plaintiff’s name has not been released, nor have any details on why the lawsuit is being filed at this present time.

Andrews has been in prison since 2012. He was sentenced to 18 years in a state prison on charges connected to the 1990 sexual assault case of a woman and her then-11-year-old daughter. Before the alleged incident in May 2010, he had served time behind bars for murder.