Juanita Gomez Receives Sentence for Exorcism Murder of Her Daughter

A month ago, we told you about the sad story of Geneva Gomez. She had been murdered by her mother Juanita Gomez. Now Juanita has been sentenced. We have all of the details of what punishment has been handed down for this “exorcism murder” as well as what her lawyer may plan on doing next.

On February 12, 2018, Oklahoma woman Juanita Gomez saw her sentence handed down for the horrific murder of her adult daughter. Geneva Gomez was killed by her mother in 2o16 in some kind of warped exorcism.

Trying to Rid Her Daughter of Satan

On August 27, 2016, Francisco Merlos went to the Gomez home looking for 33-year-old Geneva Gomez. Merlos and Geneva had been a couple, but had a fight two days before. Merlos had come over to talk to her and hopefully get back together.

At first, Juanita Gomez was evasive as to her daughter’s whereabouts. But she finally relented and pointed to a room in the house.

Merlos found Geneva Gomez lying on the floor, with her arms outstretched in a Christ-like pose and a crucifix on her chest. She was covered in blood and her face had been beaten to a pulp.

After a brief struggle with Juanita Gomez when he tried to leave, Merlos was able to exit the house to call the police.

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Juanita Gomez Charged with Murder

Juanita Gomez was arrested and charged with murder. She even confessed to the crime.

But she had also said that she had murdered her daughter to rid her of demonic influences.

Further examination of Geneva Gomez’s body found that a crucifix and rosary had been shoved into her mouth.

Despite this, the mother was found competent to stand trial.

On January 11, 2018, she was found guilty of the first-degree murder of her daughter. It took the jury less than 20 minutes to come to their decision.

Juanita Gomez’s Sentencing

Yesterday, Juanita Gomez was sentenced for the murder of her daughter. She received life in prison without parole.

Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Lavenue said, “We think it was a just verdict. It was an incredibly heinous murder.”

According to Lavenue, it’s believed the accused staged the body and made up the story about the exorcism.

Juanita Gomez had been in the house with her deceased daughter’s body for almost a whole day after killing her. Perhaps she intended to create the basis for an insanity defense by placing the crucifix and other items related to her claim of exorcism at the crime scene.

“The medical examiner had testified that almost all of the manipulation [of the victim’s body] was post-mortem,” said Lavenue.

Gomez’s lawyers have stated that they do plan to appeal the sentence.