Juanita Gomez Found Guilty of Daughter’s Exorcism Murder in Oklahoma

Juanita Gomez of Oklahoma City has been found guilty of killing her adult daughter, Geneva Gomez, by beating her and shoving a crucifix down her throat.

Victim Barely Recognizable

On August 27, 2016, Francisco Merlos went to Juanita Gomez’s home looking for her daughter, 33-year-old Geneva. Merlos and Geneva had broken up two days before and he had come over to try to win her back.

What Merlos found in the home shook him to the core. Geneva was lying on the floor, with her arms outstretched in a Christ-like pose and a crucifix on her chest. Covered in blood, her face had been beaten to the point of being unrecognizable.

Merlos tried to leave, but Juanita Gomez put him in a headlock, mumbling something about the devil and money. After a brief struggle, he finally got out of the house and called police.

Trying to Rid Her Daughter of Satan

What was found to have occurred before Merlos arrived at the home is the stuff of horror movies. Juanita Gomez told police she got into a fight with her daughter, believing her to be possessed by the devil. After viciously beating her daughter, she forced a religious medallion, rosary beads, and crucifix down Geneva’s throat.

Once her daughter was dead, Gomez positioned her body as if it were on a cross and placed a large wooden crucifix on her chest.

Gomez confessed to the crime and told police that the night before the murder, Geneva had been speaking in tongues.

Geneva Gomez

Geneva Gomez; Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf5tNymtT90

Juanita Gomez Competent to Stand Trial

While there was little doubt that Juanita Gomez had murdered her daughter, the question became: was she competent to stand trial?

After an analysis by a court psychologist, it was determined that Gomez was faking memory issues to appear incompetent.

With the insanity defense no longer an option, she pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder instead.

On January 11, 2018, 51-year-old Gomez was found guilty of murdering Geneva. The jury has recommended that she be sentenced to life in prison without parole. Sentencing has been set for February 12, 2018.