Jon Riley Could Be the Eighth Victim of Bruce McArthur, Police Searching for More Victims

Police say that alleged serial killer Bruce McArthur may have more victims out there. The sister of Jon Riley says that her brother might be one of them.

Judi Riley has been searching for her missing brother for years and feels that the answers may, unfortunately, lie at the bottom of a planter somewhere in Ontario, Canada.

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Jon Riley Is Missing

Jon Riley lived in two hours north of Toronto in Meaford, Ontario but would often travel to places like Spain. That’s why his sister, Judi Riley, wasn’t too worried when he didn’t reply to an email she sent after she recovered from surgery.

But when her birthday passed, and then her son’s birthday came and went, without any word from Jon, fear began to set in. At this time, Jon Riley has not been seen since May 2013.

There were roadblocks in the investigation along the way. Police suggested that Jon may have just left his life, or gone on a trip. A documentary in 2014 found that he wasn’t placed on a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) database of missing people.

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Judi’s Argument

Judi felt from the beginning that Jon’s disappearance wasn’t just a case of walking away from everything. He left his laptop at home, something she says he would never do as it was one of his main lines of communication.

When he took trips to Spain and other places, he would always send letters and postcards. This time, nothing. The only note and clue that was found is a note Jon left for his mother saying that he was heading to Toronto for a few days.

For over four years, there was no movement on the case. Judi felt something happened to her brother. He possibly lost his memory in an accident, or worse. Then, the case of Bruce McArthur became public.

McArthur, Cold Cases, and Jon Riley

When Bruce McArthur was announced to the world as an alleged serial killer with a body count that police warned may grow, word about what was going on in her native land eventually got back to Judi Riley in Hawaii. When she heard the details, her heart dropped because, as she told the CBC, everything made sense.

“All the pieces fit together. It’s the only thing that really makes sense. He simply vanished. He went to Toronto for the weekend and he vanished.”

According to Judi, while her brother wasn’t gay, he was known to stay at hostels in and around the gay community of Toronto. He also worked as a landscaper and, at the time of his disappearance, Jon didn’t have stable work.

Toronto police have been taking their search for other possible victims very seriously and as such, are looking into a number of cold cases and missing persons cases, including Jon Riley’s.

As of this writing, there has been no official connection between Jon Riley’s disappearance and the Bruce McArthur case, but Judi Riley fears the worst.

“Whether it was at the hands of a serial killer or not, we’re still without a brother. We’re without a brother and we’re without answers. He’s not in our lives and we don’t know where he is and it’s a horrible feeling.”