Jokisha Brown Murder: Person of Interest, Alfredo Capote Arrested in Louisiana

The murder of Jokisha Brown was the last in a number of terrible acts that were perpetrated against her, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend, Alfredo Capote.

This is the story of the events that led up to Jokisha Brown’s death, and the man who may have been the killer.

Death of a Model

In 2016, Jokisha Brown had a lot to live for. She became a well-known socialite in Atlanta, and was the mother of a teenage son. Brown began gaining a head of steam as an actress and model when her life was tragically cut short.

The oldest of nine, she was like a second mother to her brothers and sisters. Until she was 15, when she gave birth to her only son, Jack Collier, most of her free time was spent teaching and caring for her siblings. Though she grew up and had multiple jobs in Jacksonville, Florida, where she was well loved, she eventually moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she continued her acting and modeling career, and eventually got her real estate licence.

Tragedy struck the Brown family when Jokisha’s brother Kenyatta, who was only 11 months younger than her, died. In Brown’s obituary, her family wrote that Kenyatta’s passing brought them closer together. She later lost three more brothers.

They remember her as she was; someone who was constantly upbeat and positive, and who was always willing to help others.

Jokisha Brown

Photo: Facebook/kishatheactor

On July 1, 2016, one day before her birthday, the 35-year-old was waiting to get her makeup done at the Cheshire Bridge Road strip mall. As Brown sat on the passenger side of a black Mercedes, a man walked over and fired a number of shots into her. She died at the scene.

Witnesses later said that the man was hanging around the parking lot for a bit, but seemed out of place. One witness in particular reported that the suspected killer had expensive sneakers, and seemed to well dressed for the area.

Almost instantly, eyes turned towards her ex-boyfriend, Alfredo Capote as a suspect.

There was a large outpouring of sadness for the family. Through her careers, Brown touched a number of lives. Members of the Atlanta hip-hop community let their condolences be known via Twitter. Her brother, Marlon, quickly set up a tribute page to his fallen sister on Facebook. A page that he continues to update to this day.

Three Months before Brown’s Death

At the time of Brown’s murder, Capote, a would be rapper and producer, was already a wanted man. Not only was he Brown’s ex-boyfriend, but he was allegedly abusive to her during their relationship. Three months before her death, Capote was accused of a number of heinous acts.

According to police, in April 2016, Capote stormed into Brown’s residence and sexually assaulted her as he made her teenage son watch. He then reportedly kidnapped Brown and brought her to a hotel room, where he repeatedly raped and assaulted her.

She finally escaped after allegedly diving out the passenger window from Capote’s moving vehicle, and ran to get help from nearby strangers as the car sped off. Despite her escape, she feared that Capote would come back for her and end her life. It was a year until Capote was captured.

Alfredo Capote’s Arrest

As the search continued for Capote, a $5,o00 reward for information pertaining to his whereabouts was offered by the U.S. Marshal’s Southeast Regional Fugitive Task Force.

Despite the fact that he was wanted for such brutal crimes against Brown, and was also sought as a person of interest in her murder, it was none of these that eventually led to his capture. Instead, Capote was arrested due to counterfeit checks.

Alfredo Capote

Photo: Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office

In April 2017, Caddo Parish, Louisiana officials began to investigate a counterfeit check cashing operation being run by a man later identified as Alfredo Capote. His alleged scheme involved counterfeiting payroll checks from companies. They were then handed to a family member or associate who would cash the check. The money from the cashed fake check would then be split between Capote and the partner. In total, police believe they earned $20,000 in two months because of this operation.

After the Caddo Parish sheriff’s made the arrest, it was discovered that Capote was also wanted in Gwinnett County, Georgia for the kidnapping, rape, and assault of Brown, as well as being a person of interest in her murder.

While surveilling the area around Capote’s apartment, police saw the suspect leave a vehicle, and he reportedly cooperated while being arrested. Upon searching Capote’s apartment, authorities found the software, printer, and computer used to make the counterfeit checks, as well as some that were printed, but not yet cashed.

At the time of his arrest, Capote was facing charges of rape, aggravated sexual assault, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and armed robbery in Georgia, but first had to face charges of out-of-state fugitive and in-state fugitive, two counts of access device fraud, two counts of forgery in connection with a local financial crimes investigation, and 25 counts of monetary instrument abuse in Louisiana.