John Blauvelt Wiki: Did the South Carolina Army Deserter Murder His Wife?

On October 26, 2016, 22-year-old Catherine “Cati” Blauvelt was found brutally murdered in an abandoned house in her hometown of Simpsonville, South Carolina. Her husband, John Blauvelt, is accused of her murder. Did he do it? Read our John Blauvelt wiki to find out everything you need to know about him and the progress of this case.

Who Is John Blauvelt?

John Tufton Blauvelt was born on September 8, 1988. According to Blauvelt’s Facebook profile, his hometown is Los Angeles, California.

About John Tufton Blauvelt
Weight185 lbs
Spouse Catherine “Cati” Blauvelt (nee Boyter)

He eventually made his way to Simpsonville, South Carolina where he worked as a recruiter for the U.S. Army. With 10 years of active military experience, Blauvelt quickly became very well-known throughout the community, particularly among the local youth.

He spent a lot of his time visiting local high schools to recruit as many young people as possible to join the Army. He was also responsible for planning extracurricular activities for prospective service members and trainees.

How Did John and Cati Meet?

The Army recruitment office where John Blauvelt worked was located right next to the local Firehouse Subs, where 22-year-old Catherine “Cati” Boyter worked as a sandwich maker.

Blauvelt was a regular at the restaurant and would frequently go there on his lunch breaks. That’s how the pair met.

Catherine Blauvelt
Catherine “Cati” Blauvelt (nee Boyter); Photo: Family photo

At first, Cati Boyter thought Blauvelt was handsome and charming. Given her family’s history with the military—her grandfather was also an officer—the young woman was always attracted to men in uniform and spent her life surrounded by them. Blauvelt seemed like the perfect gentleman and even made her laugh.

After they met, Blauvelt made it a point to eat at the sandwich shop as often as possible, just so he could spend time with Boyter.

Everything seemed like it was going well for the budding young romance.

There was just one problem…

John Blauvelt Wasn’t Who He Seemed

Blauvelt, who was six years older than Boyter, was already married and had a young daughter with his then-wife. He was known for being something of a ladies’ man around town, and he apparently preferred the company of younger women.

Since he spent much of his time with high school students for his day job, he also had easy access to a lot of young teenage girls.

Seven months after meeting Cati Boyter, John Blauvelt divorced his wife to pursue the newfound relationship further. Boyter’s niece and coworker (they were only four years apart in age), Chyenne Paxton, witnessed the blossoming romance firsthand.

“He would come to get his lunches,” Paxton recalled. “When I first met John, he was in the Army, so I figured he must be a pretty nice guy.”

John Tufton Blauvelt
John Blauvelt; Photo: Handout photo

Indeed, service people are generally known for their politeness and manners when in the company of civilians. Boyter’s mother, Patricia Ann Piver, on the other hand, had an entirely different perception of Blauvelt.

She said, “I wasn’t impressed with him when I first met him. Being raised with a military father, I kind of had an idea of what it was like to be around military personnel and how polite and courteous they were… John was not like this. He just didn’t seem like a military man to me, and I thought that was odd.”

The relationship was very rushed. After just a few short months of dating, the couple was married and living together. This came as a complete surprise to Cati Boyter’s entire family, especially her niece.

Paxton said, “Me and Cati had always planned, when one of us got married, that it would be something we did together,” stating that they had agreed to serve as each other’s maids of honor.

Oddly enough, Boyter allegedly didn’t invite any of her family members or friends to the wedding ceremony, which was very out of character for her.

A Troubled Union

The ink had barely dried on Blauvelt’s divorce papers when he and Boyter decided to tie the knot. Paxton, who was briefly living with the Blauvelts in the beginning of their marriage, claims that their union was far from blissful.

According to her, the entire ordeal was rushed from the very beginning and the couple would constantly get into massive screaming matches.

On more than a few occasions, Paxton was forced to jump in between the quarreling couple, to try to calm them down before the situation got too far out of hand.

Apparently, John Blauvelt had a serious drinking problem and had threatened Cati Blauvelt on several occasions. Although she typically forgave him for his volatile actions, one incident was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back.

John Blauvelt: The Party Animal

The Blauvelt household was notorious in the neighborhood for hosting parties that featured underage drinking and drug use. John himself would buy drugs and alcohol for the teens, and often allowed some of them to stay in the empty bedrooms of the house he and his wife shared.

This was a constant point of contention for the couple, as Cati was against the illegal activity and demanded that John stop throwing these types of parties. He refused.

Seventeen-year-old Hannah Thompson was often in attendance at these drug- and alcohol-fueled parties. One night, her parents caught wind of what was going on at the Blauvelt house and called the police.

The Simpsonville police showed up at the house with a search warrant. They had a hard time getting into the house because John had instructed everyone not to let them in and keep all of the doors locked. Eventually, they found a back entrance into the house and were able to make their way inside.

John was arrested on the spot and charged with several counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Even though Thompson was technically considered an adult, according to state law, most of the other kids at these parties were very clearly underage.

Cati Blauvelt Interviewed by Police

While John was being held in police custody, Cati was called in to the Simpsonville Police Department for questioning in relation to her husband’s arrest.

They asked her what she knew about her husband’s illegal activities and Cati told them everything she could. It was during this time that she also made a shocking revelation.

Cati Blauvelt showed up to the police station with a .357 Magnum gun that she said belonged to John. Allegedly, during one of their heated arguments in the living room, John had pulled the gun out on her, threatening to kill her with it. She said he then pointed the gun on himself, threatening to commit suicide.

He then grabbed another firearm and threatened to kill all of her loved ones before leaving the house. He was allegedly intoxicated at the time.