Jeffrey Kramer of Pendleton Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

In Pendleton, Indiana, a 48-year-old man sits in jail on multiple charges, including possession of child pornography and promotion of human trafficking.

This is the latest on Jeffrey Kramer, and the 36 felony charges that he currently faces, 30 of which are in connection to possessing child pornography.

Tip Leads to an Arrest

Indiana State police are keeping a tight lid on many details of the investigation as it is still ongoing, but here is what has been revealed so far.

This past January, police received an anonymous tip in regards to 48-year-old Jeffrey Kramer. An investigation began, and resulted in Kramer being arrested on multiple charges.

Currently, Kramer has been charged with 30 counts of Level 6 felony possession of child pornography, which could result in up to two and a half years in jail, and a fine of up to $10,000. More concerning are the charges of one count of Level 3 felony promotion of human trafficking of a minor, two counts of Level 4 child exploitation, and three counts of Level 5 child exploitation.

The Level 3 charge could earn him a sentence of three to 16 years behind bars; Level 4 can be between two and 12 years; and Level 5 between one and six years. All of these felony categories can also include a fine of up to $10,000.

According to police, Kramer was in the midst of grooming a girl under the age of 18 via a dating website; the ultimate goal being a sexual encounter with her. Police also stated that Kramer was in possession of illegal images of the girl, who apparently lives outside of Indiana.

Possible Charges to Come

Kramer is currently being held at Madison County Detention Center with no bond. At this time, no trial date has been set.

Indiana State police have warned that more charges may be forthcoming as the investigation continues. If you know of anything that may help police in their investigation, you are urged to call the Pendleton District Indiana State police at 765-778-2121.