Jamie Luner Sued for $250.0 Million: Shocking Details about Sexual Assault Charges

Jaime Luner, an actor who made a name for herself by appearing in shows like Melrose Place and Murder in the First, has been sued for sexually assaulting a minor.

Anthony Oliver claims that he was 16 years old when Luner and a male make-up artist gave him drugs and performed oral sex on him. Here is the latest on Oliver’s lawsuit, the police complaint, and Luner’s response to the accusations.

Oliver’s Accusations

According to Oliver, in 1998 he was attending a party at Luner’s home. He received the invite as his brother was friends with Luner’s make-up artist. There, he met the then 26-year-old Luner, and the two ended up talking for approximately three hours before she invited Oliver back to her room.

Jamie Luner Assault Charges

Photo: Facebook/OfficialJamieLuner

It is then alleged that Luner offered the then 16-year-old Oliver crystal meth in order to help him become aroused. He refused and asked for Tylenol. Oliver claims Luner gave him two Tylenol laced with crystal meth.

After taking the pills, Oliver became sexually aroused and accused Luner of giving him oral sex. While doing this, at some point, Luner’s male make-up artist came in, and she allegedly allowed him to perform oral sex on Oliver as well.

This was followed by Oliver and Luner having sex multiple times, some of which Oliver claims was caught on video by his brother.

The Lawsuit

These accusations come as part of Oliver’s $250.0 million lawsuit against Luner. The lawsuit also goes on to say that at least two other men reported Luner to the Los Angeles police department for similar behavior.

Oliver is suing for emotional distress and sexual battery. He claims that the entire incident rocked him, leaving him “not knowing if he is attracted to men, women, or both,” and caused him to become an alcoholic.

Oliver also filed a complaint with the LAPD over the matter. As of this writing, no formal charges have been brought on Luner. But if they were, depending on the outcome, she could possibly face jail time.

Luner’s Response

According to Luner’s management, the claims are nonsense concocted by a person who has a history of filing these types of lawsuits. Her manager told The Wrap that “There is absolutely no merit to these allegations, and in our opinion, this is a blatant attempt at extortion.”

That statement was followed by another to TMZ, where Luner’s manager said: “All of these allegations are completely unfounded and we believe part of a targeted extortion scheme. Anthony Oliver has a history of filing lawsuits, and has filed 27 federal lawsuits in the past 8 years.”

It may also be worth noting that, according to Oliver’s timeline, Luner would have been dating John Braz at the time of the incident.