Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse Will Talk to Telford Victims within Months

As numerous stories of horrible sexual abuse in Telford, England have come to light, and reports suggesting hundreds of victims, an official inquiry is coming to take in not only the victims’ story, but how the services that are meant to protect them may have failed.

We have the details on this latest turn of events and what this might mean for the area of Telford.

A Quick Recap of the Telford Scandal

In the past few weeks, Telford, England has been a news hub as allegations of a sex abuse ring became more known. Additional stories began to come out that made the situation sound even more horrifying with each new tale.

From the initial story of the sex abuse ring itself to the murder of Lucy Lowe, and accounts of underage girls forced into prostitution, the news media took notice and, eventually, so did government officials.

An Inquiry to Try and Improve the Situation for the Future

It was announced earlier today (March 26) that the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (or IICSA) will be speaking to a number of victims of the Telford scandal as part of their Truth Project.

The goal of this particular inquiry is to speak with any survivors of the sex abuse who are willing to talk to them, in order to find out where and how organizations that were meant to protect these abused children, failed them.

The IICSA was quick to point out that there were no legal ramifications to cooperating with their inquiry. They will use the stories that they are told as a way to help improve systems, so a thing like the Telford scandal does not occur again.

The IICSA also stated that everyone who wants to contribute to this particular Truth Project should have the ability to do so. The inquiry should begin within the next few months.