Former Idaho Jail Deputies Charged in Suspected Inmate Retaliation Plot

Two former Idaho jail deputies are charged in an alleged plot to have inmates attack a prisoner who injured another guard. We have all of the details of the case here.

An inmate at the Canyon County jail tried to escape, injuring a deputy in the process. Officials claim that this didn’t sit well with 26-year-old C. Kade Shipley McConnell and 46-year-old Corey Weathermon, the injured deputy’s co-workers.

What Got Ex-Idaho Jail Deputies Charged?

Officials allege that McConnell and Weathermon decided they were going to get retribution for their co-worker. But they couldn’t get their own hands dirty, so it’s believed they tried to get gang members in the jail to attack the inmate who had tried to escape—another gang member—when he was alone.

The inmate was accused of sex crimes that involved children at the time of his incarceration. Many inmates frown upon any crimes that involve children and they may threaten and attack the perpetrators.

According to a criminal complaint, McConnell and Weathermon approached gang members with confidential paperwork containing evidence of the inmate’s alleged crimes. They also discussed with the gang members how to get the inmate “alone and unprotected,” the complaint claims.

The Alleged Plan Backfires

Instead of attacking the inmate, the gang members complained to officials about the deputies’ alleged conduct. This prompted an investigation.

McConnell and Weathermon were fired from their positions at Canyon County jail in October 2017. Canyon County asked neighboring Ada County to conduct an independent investigation of the two former deputies to avoid any conflict of interest.

Ada County found sufficient evidence against the two men and the former Idaho jail deputies were charged on January 29, 2018.

Weathermon is accused of aiding and abetting solicitation to commit aggravated battery. McConnell is accused of solicitation to commit aggravated battery.