Huffman High School Shooting Claimed the Life of 17-Year-Old Courtlin Arrington and Injured a Teenage Boy

As the country is still dealing with the devastating Florida school shooting, they were hit with news of another school shooting. On Wednesday, two students of Huffman High School were shot after a gun was fired inside a classroom. Here is everything you need to know about the case.

Parents of students at Huffman High School were terrified when they heard that there was a shooting. On Wednesday (March 7) afternoon, two 17-year-olds were shot.

The girl, a senior expecting to graduate this year, died. She was accepted into college, and had dreams of becoming a nurse.

On social media, the deceased was identified as Courtlin Arrington. After she was shot, Arlington was reportedly given CPR at the scene and while being taken to the hospital, but to no avail.

The boy, a junior on the football team, was shot in the leg. He was said to be critically injured, but is now said to be doing fine. Both victims were taken to UAB Hospital.

Shots were fired after 3:00 p.m. as school was ending for the day. Students still on the premises were taken into classrooms and other secure locations while the school was on temporary lockdown.

The gun fired was found inside the school.

Police Statement on the Shooting

Birmingham Police Chief Orlando Wilson said that the shooting may have been accidental. He also made it clear that the Huffman High School shooting was not similar to other school shootings, as nobody from outside came into the school.

Wilson explained that they will be going through the surveillance cameras inside the school. Hopefully, the footage will help find answers. They also encourage witnesses to come forward with information.

Wilson said that he was not told of an argument or fight before the shooting took place. Several students who witnessed the incident were interviewed until the evening at Birmingham Police Department headquarters downtown.

There is no word on when they will be disclosing more information about the shooting, but once details are available, they will be released. 

Was the Shooting Accidental?

According to Wilson’s statement, there is a possibility that the shooting was accidental. He said, “At this particular time, we consider it accidental until the investigation takes us elsewhere. We have a lot of unanswered questions. There are so many unknowns at this time.”

Reportedly, a male student was displaying his gun when it accidentally discharged and hit the girl. 

He allegedly accidentally shot himself while putting the gun away. However, officials have not yet confirmed this account, and are trying to find out exactly what happened.

More Security

Superintendent Lisa Herring said that their goal right now is to assure parents that their kids will be safe in the school. She added that security will be tightened. Additionally, the school will have a full crisis team to assist students and faculty members.

After the terrible incident on Wednesday, classes are canceled on Thursday so that investigators can thoroughly check the school and find evidence to solve the case.