Hillcrest Stabbing: Victim Stabbed Several Times in Neck, Suspect on the Loose

A man was stabbed in Hillcrest on April 8, San Diego Police confirmed. Though a suspect was questioned, police believe the assailant is still at large. Read more about this incident here.

Police reported a stabbing in Hillcrest, San Diego on Sunday evening. A man was found with multiple stab wounds, and was rushed to a hospital. Initially, authorities had a suspect in custody, but they claim that the attacker is still on the run. Here’s what you need to know about the stabbing in Hillcrest.

Man Stabbed in Hillcrest

According to the San Diego Police Department, a man suffering from multiple stab wounds stumbled his way to a bar on University Avenue at around 7:20 p.m. on Sunday. The victim was reportedly stabbed in the neck and head several times.

The officers who arrived on the scene found the victim, identified as a male in his 40s or 50s, with multiple wounds and lacerations. First aid was rendered to him.

Paramedics transported the victim to a hospital. The extent of his injuries are unknown. However, police said that his condition was serious.

Incident under Investigation

While investigating the incident, police detained a man at 4000 Park Blvd. This suspect was questioned before investigators determined that they had nothing to do with the stabbing.

Now, authorities believe the suspect is still at large. An initial description provided by police state that the suspect is a Hispanic male, possibly wearing a grey hoodie, and an L.A. hat. 

Authorities are combing the area for the suspect. ABLE helicopter was also involved in the search. The search for the attacker continued until late Sunday evening.

Hillcrest is the heart of San Diego’s LGBTQ community, and hosts the annual Pride Parade. The stabbing raised alarm among residents.

Jamie Lapierre, a local of eight years, said that the neighborhood has witnessed a rise in crime and homelessness recently. He was at home when he heard a commotion, but thought it was a car accident.

“This is definitely not what I expected but it’s not shocking anymore,” said Lapierre, “And that’s the sad part.”

Donald Vella, a performer who had a show near the crime scene, said, “This is our neighborhood, we’re here every day and it’s sad something like this happened.”

Police haven’t determined whether it was a premeditated or random attack. Circumstances that led to the stabbing have not been disclosed at this time.