H-E-B San Antonio Shooting: Security Guard Shot, Shooter in Custody

An H-E-B grocery store security guard was hospitalized after a confrontation between him and an irate individual turned deadly. There were reports of a shooting, after which the police arrived. The shooter was taken into custody, and the store was closed for the night.

It was a regular Wednesday night at the H-E-B grocery store at 9900 Wurzbach Road in San Antonio, Texas, until a confrontation between an H-E-B security guard and an enraged individual turned ugly. Authorities were called to the H-E-B store at around 9:30 p.m. local time on April 4, 2018, after a shooting was reported at the location.

Security Guard Hospitalized

The store’s spokeswoman, Julie Bedingfield gave details of the incident that occurred on Wednesday. She said that there was a confrontation between a security guard and an individual following which the guard was hospitalized.

The guard suffered non-life threatening injuries in this confrontation with the “irate” individual. However, Bedingfield did not say whether a shooting took place or not.

No Fatalities Reported

The suspect was taken into custody, according to Bedingfield. The store was closed for the night while as police investigated the incident.

According to latest updates, no fatalities have been reported in this incident. Shoppers posted on social media following the alleged shooting, claiming that an individual was shot “multiple times.” These reports have not yet been confirmed by the authorities.

Customers Must Check Social Media  

Bedingfield also said that customers of this H-E-B location should check social media for information on whether the grocery store will reopen on Thursday, April 5, 2018. Police are still investigating the incident.