Homeless Man Valentino Gutierrez Charged with Grisly Killing

Valentino Gutierrez has shocked Pasadena authorities with the cold and brutal nature of the killing of someone alleged to be his wife. Gutierrez, who is homeless, reportedly dismembered the body in a restaurant, transported it via train, and burned the remains near a Home Depot.

Homeless man Valentino Gutierrez, 56, is charged in the murder of a person the police believe to be his wife, Tiana Alfred, 31.

Gutierrez has stunned investigators and members of the public with the utter coldness and sheer brutality of his crime.

He was identified from a surveillance video where he was allegedly seen carrying the dismembered body in a suitcase on a light-rail train.

Gutierrez is accused of the grisly act of dismembering someone believed to be Alfred at the now-defunct Dona Rosa Bakery and Taqueria, located on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena, California. He then allegedly used his bicycle to transport the remains to a dirt patch near a Cypress Park Home Depot parking lot on February 1, where he burned what police believe are Alfred’s body parts.

“To dismember an individual like that is pretty grotesque and it takes an awful lot of effort and determination by an individual, which is pretty cold,” said William Hayes, one of the investigators in the murder.

It is believed by investigators that the murder took place on or around January 30.

According to The Mercury News, before 2 a.m. on February 1, the burning suitcase was reported.

CCTV footage showing a man with a large rolling suitcase riding the Metro Gold Line commuter train was used to finger the suspect. It was a police bloodhound that proved useful in tracking Gutierrez’s movements within the neighborhood.

After investigators showed his photo from the surveillance video to other Pasadena homeless people, Gutierrez was identified and arrested on February 2.

No motive has been uncovered, nor have coroner’s offices been able to identify the charred remains as Alfred.

“The coroner has to do some extensive work to identify the individual based on the condition of the remains,” said Hayes.

In addition to the murder charges, Gutierrez is also charged with arson. Valentino Gutierrez is currently being held in jail, with bail set at $2.0 million.