Ghost and Kenny Lou Shot Dead: Everything You Need to Know about the Houston Rappers

Ghost and Kenny Lou, two Houston-based rappers, were killed in a shooting on Tuesday, November 27. Their deaths came a day after Louisiana rapper Blvd Quick also died in a shooting. Kenny Lou and Ghost were frequent collaborators whose careers were on the rise before they were tragically killed in a club parking lot. Here’s what you need to know about the young rappers gone too soon.

Houston Rappers Killed Outside a Club

A double-murder was reported in the early hours of Tuesday in the parking lot of Club Onyx, a local strip club. Families confirmed that the deceased were Ghost and Kenny Lou, two rappers well-known in the Houston music scene.

Club Onyx is located in the 3100 block of Bering Drive, just off of Richmond Avenue in Houston’s southwest region. Around 4:30 a.m., witnesses inside the club heard gunshots from the back parking lot.


A security guard later found the two victims shot to death inside a Mercedes-Benz. According to authorities, the two men didn’t enter the club. Two gunmen fired at them from behind as soon as they pulled into the parking lot.

At least 13 shots were fired from the back. The assailants, dressed in dark clothes, slipped away, but surveillance cameras filmed the incident.

Authorities also found weapons in the victims’ Mercedes. Investigators are looking at surveillance video to find the assailants. More developments are being reported as the investigation progresses.

Ghost is survived by his four-year-old daughter and sister, Alleana Greene. Both rappers’ friends and family are mourning their deaths.

“I wasn’t expecting to see my brother like that. I’m at a loss for words,” Greene said.

Who Are Kenny Lou and Ghost?

Kenny Lou was born Kenyon Tennessee. Nicholas “Nick” Esene performed under the name Ghost or Ghost Magneto. Both natives of Houston, Texas, the two made a splash in the local music scene sometime in 2016.

They collaborated to produce songs like “NAWL FR” in September 2018. The accompanying video garnered a modest 38,000 views. They released their new song, “I’m the One,” a week before their deaths.

Ghost Magneto has three tracks on Spotify with over 700 listeners every month. He released his latest song, “No Deal/Face Off,” on October 26.

“He wanted to be a rapper real bad, he really did; he was excited about making his album,”  said Ghost’s grandmother, Brenda Harris.

Kenny Lou was active on SoundCloud with multiple releases. He released his last solo song, “Typa S**t,” a month ago.

Kenyon Tennessee graduated from Yates Center High School in 2014. He played wide receiver for the school’s football team. However, he didn’t continue playing after high school and went undeclared during college recruitment.

It ain’t supposed to be like this guys Kenyon Tennessee I love you dearly your music will forever get played watch over me big bro Unc we miss you down here all this PAIN 😪💔

Posted by Maca'jah Bip'DCurry Freeman on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

They Were Members of a Gang

Music was not the only thing the duo worked together on. The slain rappers were reportedly members of a gang at the time of their deaths.

Kenny Lou also has a long criminal history with multiple felonies. He was arrested in September on a weapons charge.

The duo have since tried to put their past behind them and build a music career. In early November, Kenny even opened up about being haunted by his criminal history.

Kenny and another rapper, OMB Bloodbath, were invited to perform at a local school in Houston earlier this month. Their school performance spurred outrage from law enforcement circles.

However, Kenny Lou defended his performance, saying he was trying to discourage children from following his lifestyle. “Tell them the things that I’ve been through, basically point them in the right direction, especially with the violence that’s going on in our community,” he said.

He went on to say he wanted to prove it’s never too late to turn your life around. He hoped to be a positive role model who could show kids that their past didn’t stop them from following their dreams.

Junebug, Kenny’s barber who’s known him since he was a child, hopes now kids will take Kenny Lou’s example and stay away from gang violence. “It’s not the way. It’s not the way for anybody, because in the end, everybody loses. Their family loses. Your family loses. Everybody loses,” said Junebug.

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