Former USA Olympic Gymnastics Coach John Geddert Under Investigation

The Larry Nassar saga doesn’t seem to have come to an end; his former co-worker John Geddert, who was an Olympic coach, is currently being investigated.

According to Michigan authorities, former U.S. women’s gymnastics Olympic coach and owner of two gymnastics training facilities, John Geddert, is the subject of a criminal investigation.

Geddert’s name has been linked to that of Larry Nassar, the doctor who has been imprisoned for sexually abusing girls and young women.

Nassar and Geddert have worked together for more than two decades. In fact, Nassar was the onsite doctor at Geddert’s training clubs.

There has been no information released by the Eaton County Sheriff’s office as to the number of complaints or the type of complaints.

Neither Geddert himself nor his lawyer have commented on the investigation. In the past, Geddert’s lawyer, Chris Bergstronm said that Geddert had “zero knowledge,” of the events involving Nassar at the training facilities.

What We Know About John Geddert

John Geddert owned two Gedderts’ Twistars USA Gymnastics Clubs, used by athletes as a training facility. This is where Nassar would use his position as a doctor to sexually abuse girls and young women while providing treatment.

During Nassar’s court hearing, many victims claimed that Geddert was an enabler in the abuse and that he himself would allegedly physically and verbally abuse athletes. Many victims have alleged that Geddert was well aware of the abuse occurring within the clubs perpetrated by Nassar.

Some of the victims have even said that Geddert would force athletes to use a specific room, off to the side, when Nassar was giving treatmentt. This would then give Nassar more privacy when with a victim.

Annie Labrie, a former gymnast, said, “My mother once told me if a boyfriend ever treats you the way John does, leave him.”  This statement was in reference to Geddert. This was said as part of a victim impact statement during Nassar’s sentencing hearing.

Another victim said she was being molested by Nassar when Geddert walked into the room. It appears he didn’t stop or report the abuse.

This resulted in USA Gymnastics suspending John Geddert as the coach of the team and the Olympics no longer using his training facilities. A few hours after the announcement, Geddert stated in an e-mail that he’d decided to retire.

In addition, John Geddert is no longer the owner of the two Twistars clubs; the ownership has been transferred to his wife.

With such strong words from the victims, this could be the start of a new trial, once the investigation is complete by Michigan authorities.

The first investigation in the sexual abuse case resulted in Nassar being sentenced to 60 years for child pornography and 40 to 125 years for abusing girls at the Twistars facilities.