Former Boxer Vinny Paz Arrested for Domestic Assault

Former professional boxer, Vinny Paz, has been arrested for domestic assault in Rhode Island earlier this morning.

While this is Paz’s most recent run in the law, it’s not the only one. His post-boxing life has been marred by a number legal issues over the years. Here are all the details on his most recent arrest, and how an earlier arrest may complicate matters.

Thursday, March 15, 2018 Assault

Earlier this morning, 55-year-old Vinny Paz, a former lightweight and light middleweight boxing champion, was arrested on one count of domestic simple assault, and one count of domestic disorderly assault.

Paz allegedly assaulted his girlfriend. When police arrived, he apparently turned off the lights and refused to answer the door. Police then made their way into the home through the garage and arrested Paz without further incident.

Paz’s girlfriend was reportedly taken from the home on a stretcher with minor injuries. Paz is scheduled to be arraigned in court later today. Often, an assault of this nature would be a simple matter. But unfortunately for Paz, previous legal issues may come in to play.

Previous Assault

In January, a warrant was issued for Paz’s arrest in connection with allegedly assaulting a friend.

According to witnesses, Paz accused the friend of stealing $16,000 from him, and ended up breaking several of the man’s teeth, as well as bite marks that drew blood and a black eye.

Paz was later arrested on felony assault charges. That case is currently pending, but it may now have consequences for the boxer.

Vinny Paz has been out on bail since the January assault. Due to his arrest this morning, there is a strong possibility that he violated the terms of his bail. If that is the case, Paz may be heading to jail until his next court date.