Florida Man Who Blackmailed 5 Girls into Online Sex Acts Sentenced to 12 Years

Daniel Derringer III, 29, formerly from Union City, NJ, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for blackmailing five teenage girls into posing nude and engaging in sexual conduct on web cameras.

New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino says Derringer posed online as a young girl and tricked actual teen girls into getting naked on their web cameras. Derringer then threatened to post the images online if the girls did not engage in even further sexual activities.

The investigation began in 2013 when Derringer was charged with coercing a Minnesota girl to undress, take her top off, and do sexual poses on a webcam, which he recorded.

Authorities were able to track down Derringer and arrest him after his young victim used her cellphone to take a picture of her computer screen with his face plainly visible.

On April 3, 2014, New Jersey State Police executed a search warrant and seized his computer equipment.

When police examined his computer, they found that he had tricked four other girls, ages 14 to 16, in Washington State, Florida, Indiana, and Ohio.

Derringer was arrested three days later. On March 23, 2017, he was formally indicted.

The Lake Worth, Florida man pleaded guilty last November to two counts of manufacturing child pornography, one count of distribution of child pornography, and one count of debauching the morals of a child.

Three of the victims were 15 at the time, while two others were 14 and 16.

After his release, Derringer will be required to register as a sexual offender under Megan’s Law.

“Derringer is a serial sexual predator who used the anonymity of the internet to sexually exploit underage girls,” Porrino said. “Thanks to the courage of the victim who came forward and the excellent work of our detectives and attorneys, we uncovered more of Derringer’s vile crimes and now are sending him to prison, where he can’t harm any more vulnerable victims.”