Florida Man Arrested for Attempted Kidnapping of Singer Lana Del Rey in Orlando

Florida man Michael Hill has been arrested for stalking, threatening, and attempting to kidnap 32-year-old singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey.

A Florida man has been arrested on suspicion of threatening singer Lana Del Rey with kidnapping.

The suspect in this case is Michael Hill, 43 years of age.

On February 2, 2018, Hill allegedly planned to bring a knife into Amway Center, which is located in downtown Orlando. Amway Center was where Del Rey was expected to perform in front of thousands of fans during a concert.

Hill’s arrest took place a block away from the concert venue before the show began, due to a tip that was received by the police department. The concert went on as planned.

A few days before the concert, there were a few messages posted on social media site Facebook by an account allegedly owned by Hill.

On January 29, Hill posted a video to an account owned by him with the comment: “I’m leaving on Friday I’m around here for a couple of days I have to meet my wife on Friday when she’s here on concert and then you’ll probably never see me again.”

The following day, Hill posted the following, “I want to see my queen on Friday and from that day forward our decisions will be as one.”

As a result of these cryptic postings, police were notified about the threat against Del Rey and were able to prevent Hill from carrying out whatever he may have had planned.

After the arrest, the Orlando police department said that Hill had no contact with the singer. They added he did have a knife and had tickets in hand to attend the concert.

A police spokesman said after the arrest that “authorities might have been unaware” had there been no tip received.

The police also released this statement: “On Friday, Orlando Police Department determined this was a credible threat and worked swiftly to ensure the safety of everyone involved and of everyone who attended the show.”

Hill is behind bars in Orange County Jail, with no bail. He’s charged with aggravated stalking with a credible threat and attempted kidnapping with a weapon.

On Saturday, after all this was public knowledge, Lana Del Rey shared a clip from her concert on social media, saying, “Thank you so much for coming out and making those shows totally crazy and keeping the energy high.”

She also acknowledged that she was very lucky for what had occurred over the past few days.

This is not the first of such events in Lana Del Rey’s life. In 2016, her house was broken into by stalker Zachary Self, 19. He served 84 days in prison for the break-in and stalking of Del Rey.