FedEx Distribution Center Explosion: Package Bound for Austin Explodes at Texas Facility

The San Antonio Fire Department said that a package bomb exploded in a FedEx distribution center. The explosive package that injured one person was bound for Austin, Texas. Authorities believe this explosion could be related to the four serial package bombings that occurred in Austin this month.

Another Explosion Rocks Texas

Hours after Austin authorities stated that a serial bomber is at large in the city, another explosion was reported in Texas. A package exploded at a FedEx distribution center in San Antonio, Texas on Tuesday (March 20) night.

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The San Antonio Fire Department said the explosion occurred just after midnight. One person, a FedEx employee, suffered a non-life-threatening “percussion-type” injury in the blast.

The package was bound for an address in Austin, Texas. The city reported four package bombings this month.

The first one on March 2 killed Anthony Stephan House, 39. An explosion on March 12 killed Draylen Mason, 17, and injured his mother. Another explosion that day left a 75-year-old woman critically injured. Two men were injured in a fourth explosion on March 18.

The morning after the fourth explosion, Austin police stated a serial bomber was loose in the city. They urged people to stay away from suspicious packages while the investigation is ongoing.

Hours later, a package bomb exploded in FedEx’s San Antonio facility before it reached its Austin destination. An FBI agent said that “it’s more than possible” that the San Antonio explosion is related to the Austin bombings.

Officials from the ATF and FBI are at the FedEx center to investigate the blast. Investigators are looking to see if the components of the explosive device have any similarities to the previous blasts.

The nature of the most recent explosive device hasn’t been confirmed by authorities. The fourth explosion in Austin used a tripwire mechanism, which was different from the previous three package bombings.

The San Antonio Police Department recently joined Austin Police to help catch the perpetrator. They sent two bomb technicians and a K-9 to Austin to assist with the investigation.