Kidnapping Victim Ulises Villadares Killed in Houston FBI Raid

A home invasion in Conroe, Texas has led to the death of kidnapping victim Ulises Villadares at the hands of an FBI agent during a raid.

Conroe police have confirmed that a home invasion occurred on January 24, 2018. Two men armed with handguns came to Ulises Villadares’ house and bound him and his 12-year-old son with duct tape.

The men demanded $8,000 that they claimed Villadares’s brother owed them. After ransacking the house for items of value, the men then left with Villadares, 47, and left his son behind.

“Once the child was able to free himself, he went to a neighbor’s house where the Conroe Police Department was called and the investigation started,” Conroe police Chief Philip Dupuis said. “We learned very early on it was a kidnapping and we called the Federal Bureau of Investigation for some assistance.”

The men later called Villadares’s brother to demand a $20,000 ransom in exchange for Villadares’s life. The authorities were able to track down the suspected kidnappers at a Clear Lake, Texas hotel.

Nicholas Cunningham, 42, and Jimmy Sanchez, 38, were arrested at the hotel.

Raid to Save Ulises Villadares Goes Wrong

Cunningham reportedly told investigators that Villadares was being held at the Houston home of his mistress, Sofia Perez Heath, 35. Conroe police and the FBI raided the Elbert Street home around 4:00 a.m. on January 25.

What happened next isn’t yet clear, but one FBI agent fired shots. Ulises Villadares, who was still tied up and gagged during the raid, was fatally wounded. He was pronounced dead at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital.

Cunningham and Sanchez have been charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery. These charges may be upgraded to capital murder because the initial kidnapping led to Villadares’s death, according to the Montgomery County district attorney. It has emerged that Villadares is related to Cunningham’s wife.

Heath has been charged with aggravated kidnapping.

As per FBI protocol, the agent who was responsible for the shooting is now on leave pending an investigation.