FBI Cold Case: Facts to Know about Missing Woman, Abby Lynn Patterson

The FBI is requesting any information from the public that could aid in finding a young woman named Abby Lynn Patterson, who went missing in Lumberton, North Carolina in September 2017.  Patterson is on the FBI Cold Case list, and both the Charlotte Division and Lumberton Police Department in North Carolina are still searching for information regarding her whereabouts. Read on for the important details on Abby Lynn Patterson and her disappearance. 

Physical Description of Abby Lynn Patterson

Abby Lynn Patterson was 20 years old (born February 15, 1997) when she disappeared on September 5, 2017.

About Abby Lynn Patterson
Age24 Years
BirthFebruary 15, 1997 Jacksonville, Florida
Weight140 pounds
AddressJacksonville, Florida
IdentificationBird tattoo on her shoulder, a birthmark on the back of her right thigh
Last seen atHer home, East 9th Street in Lumberton, NC
Last seen onSeptember 5, 2017

She is described as a white, 5’7” tall female, who weighs 140 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She has a bird tattoo on her shoulder and a birthmark on the back of her right thigh.

Patterson was last seen dressed in brown shorts and a white shirt.

When Was She Last Seen?

On that Tuesday in 2017, Abby Lynn Patterson went missing. She left her home on East 9th Street in Lumberton, NC at 11:30 a.m. Witness reports say she got into a brown Buick. According to police, the Buick belonged to an “acquaintance,” but they declined to give further details.

Reports say police interviewed the driver, but did not release information regarding where Patterson was last dropped off, only that it was at “another location.”

She has not been seen since then, and family and friends have been unable to contact her.

Reports say Patterson told her mother she would be back in an hour, but she never returned. When her mother called to check in, the calls went straight to voicemail.

Patterson allegedly had a history of drug abuse. The area she went missing from has seen drug activity and even prostitution.

According to Capt. Terry Parker of the Lumberton Police, Patterson had recently been discharged from drug rehab and had come to town to visit her mom.

Patterson had gone back and forth between Jacksonville, Florida and North Carolina for a couple of years.

The FBI and Sheriff’s Department Search

Former Chief of Detectives at Robeson County Sheriff’s Department, Burns Wilkins posted a message to Facebook notifying the public about Patterson’s disappearance:

“Missing for several days: Abby Lynn Patterson of Lumberton NC. Please share this post and alert 911 if spotted. I am asking all area residents to be on alert for her as she may be being held against her will. Her family are residents of my Precinct and are asking for the public’s assistance in [locating] her. Please call 911 or the Lumberton Communications center at 910-671-3888 if located. Any friends of Abby are asked to step forward if you have heard from her at all. Lumberton Police detectives are actively working this case as well. Thank you.”

Possible Connection with Murdered Women

Police began to investigate as to whether her disappearance may have been connected to the deaths of three other women who went intially missing in Lumberton: Christina Bennett, 32; Rhonda Jones, 36; and Megan Oxendine, 28.

However, investigators and Captain Terry W. Parker of the Lumberton Police Department are “99 percent” sure Patterson’s case is unrelated.

For one thing, the bodies of these three slain women were found in plain sight, not seemingly hidden in any specific way. Bennett’s body was found in a house, Jones’ body was discovered in a trash can, and Oxendine’s body was left behind a house.

No suspect has been found in any of the cases, and the causes of death for the three women are still unknown as their bodies were too decomposed.

Abby Lynn Patterson’s Social Media

Patterson has not been active on social media since before her disappearance, adding to the challenge of locating her.

Her last tweet was dated on March 5, 2016. Her latest posts seemed to be talking about loss: “After losing you, nothing scares me anymore,” and “It was one of those James dean loves that died too young and beautiful. [sic]”

We do know that Patterson lost a friend named Christina Washio on June 23, 2017. Twenty-five-year-old Washio was from Delray Beach, Florida. Her cause of death hasn’t been publicized.

Abby Lynn Patterson posted about Washio the day after her death.

Although her Twitter has been inactive for over a year since her disappearance, Patterson’s Facebook account reveals more information about her whereabouts just a day before her disappearance.

On September 4, 2017, she shared four photos of herself and her family (including her mother, Samantha Lovette) as they spent the day at Holden Beach in North Carolina. Unfortunately, the happy family connection was severed when she went missing.

Abby Lynn Patterson with Family

Credits: Abby Lynn Patterson/Facebook.com

Nine days after her disappearance, her mother shared the following post on Facebook:

Her boyfriend, Brent Ellis of South Carolina, changed his Facebook cover photo to an image of her, and kept his relationship status as “in a relationship.” Friends and family shared their condolences to him, as well as her family.

Abby Lynn Patterson with Boyfriend Brent

Credits: brent.ellis.752/Facebook.com

Reward for Information

The FBI is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading directly to Abby Lynn Patterson being located. They are asking anyone with details to call the FBI’s Charlotte Field Office at 704-672-6100, or the Lumberton Police Department at 910-671-3845.