Fatal Seattle Police Shooting Video: Suspect Ignores Multiple Warnings During Confrontation with Police

A suspected car prowler was shot fatally by the Seattle police as he was trying to escape the scene of the crime in a stolen car. An officer shot him, and despite first aid being administered, the suspect died at the scene of the shooting. The entire episode was caught on body and dashboard cameras of the police, and the shooting is under investigation now.

It began with Seattle police responding to a 911 call reporting a suspected car prowler near Ravenna Park in the early hours on Monday, February 19, 2018, in Seattle, Washington. At around 4:20 a.m. a responding officer confronted a suspect in the 6000 block of 34th Avenue Northeast and yelled: “Hey, come here.” A man was seen stepping out of what looked like an SUV and appeared to walk away.

Suspects Runs from Police

The images relayed by the body camera become jerky as the police officer appears to run after the suspect while calling out, “Come back here. Seattle police. Stop.” Suddenly a gunshot is heard, and the officer starts to radio for help and ducks behind a vehicle. Another gunshot is heard followed by a barrage of shots all captured on video. A female dispatcher is heard saying “Shots fired. Help the officer.”

Residents Robbed at Gunpoint

According to the police, no one was hurt in this exchange of gunfire. Then, in the time not captured on camera, the suspect ran into the surrounding neighborhood while police set up a perimeter and started tracking him down with the help of a K9 unit. The suspect broke into a house on the 6000 block of 27th Avenue Northeast at 5:11 a.m., where he confronted the residents and took away their Volkswagen Jetta at gunpoint.

Stolen Car Crashes into Police Vehicle

The police video footage picks up three minutes later, at 5:14 a.m., and shows police cars converging on the 26th Avenue Northeast. Suddenly, the stolen Jetta careens through the landscaping of a residential street and crashes into the approaching police vehicles. Officers approach the stranded Jetta with their guns drawn, all the time shouting at the suspect to show his hands.

Suspect Told to Shut the Car Off

The video then shifts behind the Jetta where police are converging on the car while the suspect appears to be gunning the engine. A different officer yells, “Shut the vehicle off! You can’t go nowhere!” even as he and another officer approach the rear of the vehicle. He yells again, “Shut it off! Shut it off!” Then another officer is heard saying “He’s trying to back it up.” The two officers who are at the back of the Jetta say that they don’t have any tool with which to break the car windows, while the officer who yelled at the suspect to shut off the car yells, “He’s reaching, he’s reaching. Don’t do it!”

Officer Shoots as Suspect Ignores Police Calls

Then the video shows the suspect reaching under a blanket or a towel and using his hand to search the rear floorboard. The officer yells “Stop reaching. Don’t do it.” Then shots are heard, but the body of an officer blocks the camera so the suspect being shot is not captured on camera. An officer breaks the front passenger car window, and the suspect is dragged out from the car. The officer yells for CPR, and the video ends. The Seattle police later said that one officer fired into the car and struck the suspect after which he was dragged out.

Police Shooting Under Official Investigation

Several officers provided first aid to the suspect, but he died at the scene. Apart from the video which is around two-and-half minutes long, the police released a photo of a black handgun and fully loaded magazine that the officers found inside the Jetta. The King County Medical Examiner’s Office has not released the name of the suspect killed as of Tuesday, February 20, 2018. The police shooting is currently being investigated by the Police Department’s Force Investigating Team.

To watch the Seattle police shooting video, just click below.

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