Family of Missing Amanda De Guio Pleads for Information after 4 Years

The anguished De Guio family have not yet given up on the search for their daughter, Amanda who went missing four years ago. While the investigation has now moved on from missing persons to a foul play case, the now 28-year-old mom is still nowhere to be found.

The mysterious case of Amanda De Guio has stretched on for far too long, the family said. In a tearful appeal to the people who know of her whereabouts, the De Guio’s begged for more information on their daughter’s whereabouts to be known in a press release on May 7, 2018. The investigating officers are now looking at it in a different perspective, and say that she may be dead.

The Family Is Not Giving up Hope

The De Guio family doesn’t think that Amanda is dead. Her mother, Joanne is sure that Amanda is out there somewhere, and that she is probably hurt.

She’s sure that if they put all of their efforts together, they will find her baby girl. Joanne was the first to speak to the press about their situation after four years, choking back tears.

She said that Amanda has two children, an eight-year-old and a six-year-old, who deeply miss and need their mother.

“To the person that knows, please have a heart. If not for us, for her children. They need an answer,” Joanne said.

Accompanying Joanne was her husband John, and mother-in-law Gloria, who made pleas of their own.

Gloria said that she was devastated, and after losing one son, she can’t bare the fact that her granddaughter is now gone.

John De Guio wept on the podium as he begged for people to come forth, and talk to them about even the smallest piece of information they may have about Amanda.

Investigating officer Sgt. Chitwood also had private investigator Kevin Ryan speak about the case. Ryan said that the family needed closure, and that it was four Christmases too long for the woman to be away from her family.

How Did Amanda De Guio Vanish?

Amanda De Guio went missing from her Drexel Hill, Philadelphia home in June 2014, and left behind all of her belongings apart from her purse and iPhone.

Amanda De Guio

Credit: Facebook/HelpFindAmandaDeGuio

When asked, Amanda’s sister, Nicole, said that they had no idea where or when she vanished, and that her family was on vacation at the time.

The family has no clue as to who Amanda was in touch with, or what she was doing at the time, but maintain that it is not in Amanda’s nature to not at least check-in with them.

Joanne expressed that Amanda would always make sure to call her and say when she might be coming home, and that it was unusual for Amanda to stop contacting her.

The family asked Amanda’s friends about her whereabouts, but none knew where she could have gone, or how she went missing.

Joanne added that her daughter’s room was kept the same way she left it, and that it will not be changed for anything.

A thorough search of Amanda’s bedroom revealed no suspicious items or missing belongings, making the investigation more complicated for police, as well as the family.

The investigation is still underway and officers are continually looking for Amanda De Guio, mostly in the Kensington area.

A reward of $5,000 is granted for anyone with significant information leading to finding Amanda. Anyone with information is asked to call the Upper Darby Police Department at 610-734-7693, or email [email protected]

Watch the De Guio family’s plea video below: