FACT CHECK: Jasper Smith, Gastonia Resident, Arrested for Selling Energy Drink Containing Meth

  • Claim: Jasper Smith from Gastonia, North Carolina was arrested for selling energy drinks filled with crystal meth.
  • Rating: False
  • Claimed By: This Is Some Gaston County Sh*t Right Here
  • Fake News/Rumor Reported on: 18 November 2018

A viral report on Facebook claims that one Jasper Smith from Gastonia, North Carolina was arrested for selling energy drinks containing methamphetamine, or crystal meth. A good section of Facebook users commented that Smith got what he deserved for distributing drugs. However, did a man named Jasper Smith really sell drug-laced energy drinks, and did he get arrested for it? We’ve set the record straight on this Internet lore below.

Gastonia Man Arrested for Distributing Meth-Laced Drinks

A colorful Facebook page called “This Is Some Gaston County Sh*t Right Here” shared a report on November 18 that has since gone viral. According to the report, Jasper Smith, a 62-year-old, was arrested in Gastonia, Gaston County.

GASTONIA, North Carolina – Gaston County resident, Jasper Smith, 62, was arrested yesterday on felony charges of…

Posted by This Is Some Gaston County Shit Right Here on Saturday, November 17, 2018

He was allegedly charged with “manufacturing and distributing homemade ‘energy drinks’ containing the powerful stimulate methamphetamine.”  The report claims he sold his $20.00 homemade energy drink to high school girls who were later hospitalized for internal bleeding.

Smith was reportedly arrested by the drug task force in his tree house on his brother’s property. The report further states that after initially denying that he added meth to the drinks, he admitted to putting “just a little meth” to get the customers hooked on his concoction.

This post has been shared over 26,000 times on Facebook. Most of the comments are laughing at the absurdity, while some believe Jasper Smith deserves his arrest. There are also others disparaging the people who supposedly bought Smith’s homemade brew.

But unlike Facebook users, the folks on Twitter don’t believe this piece of news and are poking fun at the hilarity of it. The Twitterverse gets the point when it sees this news as just a funny story.

The Story Is Made Up

This viral story about meth-laced homemade energy drinks is fake. The Facebook page, “This Is Some Gaston County S*it Right Here,” tends to post made-up stories and pictures that are intended for humor. There’s no truth to its stories.

Furthermore, this report has been sourced from a 2015 post that had been shared over 161K times. But it’s still very much fake.

Certain details from the original viral post have been changed in the Gaston County story. For instance, the alleged energy drink distributor, 72-year-old Jasper June, was changed to 62-year-old Jasper Smith. The older story was apparently based in West Virginia instead of North Carolina. And while June was reading an Arabic pornographic magazine in the 2015 post, Smith was supposedly reading a Mexican porn magazine.

Both the old article and the new Facebook post have the same image of the alleged energy drinks. However, they have mugshots of two different “Jaspers.”

While the Jasper Smith in the viral 2018 post is unidentified, it only took a little digging to identify the “Jasper June” in the 2015 article. The mugshot in the article is actually of Minnesota native Delbert Huber.

Back in 2012, a then 82-year-old Delbert Huber and his son were convicted of the 2011 murder of a Minnesota teacher. Huber died in prison in 2014, but left behind the most memorable mugshot for a convict.

That same mugshot was used in the fake 2015 report on meth-laced energy drinks. Huber’s mugshot was replaced by another person’s in the fake Facebook post.

To sum it up, there’s no person named Jasper (June or Smith) from North Carolina or West Virginia who was arrested for selling homemade energy drinks filled with meth.

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