FACT CHECK: Congress Demands the Arrest of Hillary Clinton

  • Claim: Republicans in the Congress have demanded the arrest of Hillary Clinton
  • Rating: FALSE
  • Claimed By: Stranger Than Fiction News
  • Fake News/Rumor Reported on: 22 May 2018

A Facebook Live video shows a press conference by House Republicans pushing for the appointment of a second special counsel. The caption claims that Congress is demanding Hillary Clinton’s arrest. However, some doubt the veracity of this news. Is Congress close to getting Hillary Clinton arrested? Not in the immediate future, at least. The video twisted the House Republicans’ press conference.

Congress Demanding Clinton’s Arrest?

Stranger than Fiction News posted a Facebook Live video on May 22 with a caption that read, “Congress demands the arrest of Hillary Clinton and appointment of second special counsel.”

The video features seasoned House Republicans holding a press conference that pushes for the appointment of a second special counsel. These representatives are demanding an investigation into the Department of Justice, and the FBI’s handling of the Russian investigation.

The House Conservatives have been vocal critics of Robert Mueller, and the manner in which the Russian probe is being conducted by the DOJ. They want an independent investigator to look into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

The STFN video draws from the May 22 press conference, and claims that Republicans in Congress are demanding Clinton’s arrest, and the appointment of a second special counsel.

It received a massive response on social media. The search term, “Congress demands arrest of Hillary Clinton” became a breakout search on Google Trends on May 23, after the Facebook video was posted.

Hillary Clinton Arrest Trend

Spike in Hillary Clinton Arrest Query in the Google Trends (Photo: Google Trends)

Many who believe the video is true want Hillary Clinton arrested. Some are hoping it will lead to action against Barack Obama, and other Obama administration officials for their alleged misconduct.

The video, however, is only partially true. House Republicans are making renewed efforts to appoint a second special counsel. But they haven’t called for Hillary Clinton’s arrest, at least not yet.

Though it is a Facebook Live video, the contents were not live. The press conference in the video happened hours before the video was posted.

Here’s what the press conference is about.

GOP Congressman Seek Second Special Counsel

Hours before the STFN Facebook Live video began, a group of Congressional Republicans held a press conference that aired on C-SPAN. In it, officials called for the appointment of a second special counsel.

Rep. Lee Zeldin introduced the group’s 12-page resolution at the conference. The document urges Attorney General Jeff Sessions to appoint an independent investigator who will look into the DOJ and FBI’s handling of the Russian probe.

The House Republicans want the investigator to look into the FBI’s decision to abruptly clear Hillary Clinton of the email server allegations days before the 2016 presidential election. They also want to know what led to launching a probe into the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia, and abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Multiple Congressman spoke at the conference to criticize Mueller and the DOJ’s investigation. They accounted the alleged misconduct by the Obama administration, and the FBI’s “special treatment” of Hillary Clinton.

The press conference comes after President Trump anted up his criticism of the DOJ. But the rhetoric is nothing new. GOP officials have been contending these claims for a long time. The demand for a second special counsel is not new, either. Except that it died down for a while until May 22.

The House Republicans did not, however, demand Hillary Clinton’s arrest in the press conference. There’s no arrest warrant issued for Hillary Clinton, either.

The STFN video clubs the Republicans’ press meet with older videos containing unrelated conspiracy theories. The news broadcast-style caption was falsified, and was not part of the original C-SPAN broadcast, either.

An arrest warrant will only be issued if concrete evidence of Clinton’s misdeeds are found. But GOP lawmakers have only spoken about irregularities in the recent investigations, and made an open call for transparency.

As of this press conference, GOP Congressmen are only demanding an independent probe into the contentious investigations by the DOJ and FBI. They haven’t pushed for any action to be taken against Clinton or Obama administration officials yet.

The experienced group of Congressmen would not prematurely demand Hillary Clinton’s arrest until they know every fact. At this point, they accused the DOJ and FBI of bias, and want access to classified documents on the investigations to verify all the details.