Facebook Live Shooting Update: Devyn Holmes Recovering, Cassandra Damper Faces New Charges

For those who have been following the shooting of Devyn Holmes that was broadcast live on Facebook, there is an update on both Holmes and the shooter, Cassandra Damper.

We have the latest on the new charges against Damper, and Holmes’ condition, as well as how you may be able to help out the victim and his family.

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A Recap of the Incident

On Easter, Devyn Holmes, Cassandra Damper, and Cadillac Coleman were sitting in a parked car at a Valero gas station on Almeda and Southmore in southwest Houston, Texas. Damper was playing with a gun while Coleman was broadcasting it on Facebook.

In the video, Coleman claims that Holmes shouldn’t be worried as the gun Damper was playing with wasn’t loaded. Shortly afterward, the gun, very much loaded, goes off, shooting Holmes in the head.

New Charges against Cassandra Damper

Initially, Damper was only charged with homicide-related tampering with evidence, as she tried to wash her hands before the police tested her for gunshot residue. But now, an additional charge was added.

Cassandra Damper has now been charged with aggravated assault with reckless serious bodily injury. Essentially, the charge reflects the idea that the shooting was an accident, but it only occurred because Damper was being reckless with something that should have been handled with care.

Helping Devyn Holmes

Devyn Holmes survived the shooting, but wasn’t out of the woods. He was taken to Ben Taub Hospital and, according to his mother, as of Tuesday, April 3, Holmes was in stable condition after surgery. Holmes’ father, Allen Tyler, posted an update of his own on Facebook:

Unfortunately, with the medical bills starting to pile up, it is currently unknown if Holmes may need more surgeries, or how much aftercare he will need. To that end, a GoFundMe page has been started to help take care of these bills.

Currently, over $29,000 was raised towards an ultimate goal of $100,000. If you would like to help out, you can visit the GoFundMe page here.