Ex-Richardson Mayor Laura Maczka & Husband Mark Jordan Indicted For Fraud

Former Richardson, Texas Mayor Laura Maczka is accused of taking sexual favors from land developer Mark Jordan. The ex-mayor, who is now married to Jordan, accepted bribes from him to erect an apartment building in an unwilling neighborhood. The couple is now looking at fraud charges.

Laura Jordan, who is also known as Laura Maczka, was the Mayor of Richardson, Texas from May 2013 to April 2015. Land developer Mark Jordan and the former mayor are now accused of honest service wire fraud and bribery.

Mark Jordan Exchanged Votes for Sexual Favors

Laura Mackza is working in the Leasing, Marketing and Communications departments in Sooner Management.

Laura Maczka worked as an executive director at Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship until September 2013. She has been indicted for fraud, along with her husband, Mark Jordan, who is a land developer.

Laura Mackza

Ex-Mayor of Texas Laura Mackza Accused of Fraud (Photo: Twitter/lauramaczka)

Maczka worked her way up the political ladder from being a Place 4 representative of the Richardson City Council to become the Mayor of Richardson. She was in office as mayor for two years.

Back when Maczka was mayor, Mark Jordan was pining to build an apartment building in a neighborhood that disapproved the idea. At first, the mayor was also against it.

Jordan then took matters into his own hands. He bribed Maczka with $24,000 worth of home renovations and paid her $40,000 by check and over $18,000 in cash.

Mark Jordan

Land Developer, Mark Jordan Indicted for Fraud (Photo: Sooner Management)

The U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Texas is also accusing Jordan of giving Maczka sexual favors along with luxury hotel stays, flight upgrades, and a lucrative job. And in return, she would grant the zoning changes he desired.

Back in 2015, there was an ethics investigation against Laura Maczka. However, it concluded with her acquittal.

She was accused of state law violation regarding Jordan’s Palisades project (1,000 new apartments) located along the Central Expressway. But after investigating the case, she was declared not guilty.

Later that year, she announced that she wouldn’t run for mayor for the 2015-2017 term. Many believe that it was due to her questionable ethics.

The woman who opposed the building during her campaign had later changed her mind. The “benefits” Maczka received from Jordan at the time of her campaign and term were in exchange of her favoring the zoning changes proposed by Jordan, reports suggest.

The Married Couple Could Go to Prison for Up to Two Decades

The indictment suggests that neither Maczka nor Jordan disclosed their collaboration, which favored the zoning changes and hid the benefits she received.

Those who were against the project called for Maczka’s resignation after suspecting her relationship with Jordan. But she denied the fact that there was any conflict of interest concerning the building.

The couple eventually got married.

Laura Maczka, 53 and Mark Jordan, 51, are now indicted for criminal offenses. They include conspiracy to commit bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds, honest services wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit bribery.

The duo appeared before U.S. Magistrate Judge Kimberly Priest Johnson on May 16, 2018, after the federal grand jury returned the indictment on May 10, 2018. And if convicted, Maczka and her husband could face up to 20 years in federal prison.

As of now, neither Mark Jordan nor Laura Maczka have spoken out about the indictment.

Watch this space for more updates on the developing case.