Esmond Bradley Martin, American Ivory Trade Investigator, Stabbed to Death

A famous American investigator into the illegal ivory trade, Esmond Bradley Martin, was found stabbed to death in Nairobi. An investigation is underway to find who killed this famous conservationist.

Esmond Bradley Martin, the world’s leading crusader against the illegal ivory trade, was found killed in Kenya. Martin is an American who led investigations into the illegal trade of elephant and rhinoceros horn. His sudden death has shocked many and raised several questions. Here’s what you need to know about Esmond Bradley Martin’s death.

Top Ivory Investigator Killed

According to police reports from Kenya, Martin was killed in Nairobi, Kenya.

Nicolas Kamwende, head of criminal investigations in Nairobi, said that a relative went to check on Martin at his house in the Karen neighborhood. Seventy-five-year-old Martin had not responded to phone calls. When the relative arrived at his house, he found Martin’s lifeless body on the bed with a stab wound to the neck.

Martin was a former UN special envoy for rhino conservation. According to conservationist Paula Kahumbu, he had headed up investigations into the illegal trafficking of elephant ivory and rhino horn.

He exposed the illegal trade that threatens elephants and rhinos with extinction in the U.S., Congo, Vietnam, Nigeria, Angola, China, and Myanmar. Among his notable contributions, he persuaded China to shut down its legal rhino horn trade in 1993.

Martin had recently returned from a research trip in Myanmar. He was in the process of discovering ivory markets and traffickers in that country.

Martin has authored several books on the subject. His books like Ivory Markets of East Asia, From the Jungle to Kathmandu: Horn and Tusk Trade, Zanzibar: Tradition and Revolution delve into ivory smuggling.

Nairobi authorities have launched an investigation into Esmond Bradley Martin’s death. Kamwende stated that they have questioned a cook and a gardener. No suspect has been arrested yet.