Eric Conn, Fugitive Kentucky Lawyer, Caught in Honduras!

Eric Conn, a fugitive lawyer wanted for Social Security fraud worth half a billion dollars has been found in Honduras.  It’s hoped he can be brought back to the United States soon so he can finally receive justice.

Eric Conn Escapes

In June 2017, Eric Conn cut off the ankle bracelet that was part of his house arrest conditions, packed a backpack, and disappeared. Conn had been at the center of a very large Social Security fraud scheme.

Before his arrest, Eric Conn had been one of Kentucky’s most well-known Social Security lawyers, with flashy billboards calling him the “E-Man.” What many did not know was that Conn, along with a number of doctors and two federal administrative law judges, had set out to defraud the system. And they did so in very large monetary numbers, with the current estimate being somewhere around $550.0 million.

After the group had been arrested and indicted in April 2016 on federal charges, Conn entered a guilty plea with considerations made for testimony against his co-conspirators. The plea was entered in March 2017 and Conn would walk away in June.

On the Run But Not Forgotten

In July 2017, Eric Conn was sentenced in absentia to 12 years in prison and ordered to pay heavy financial restitution of nearly $170.0 million. He was also ordered to pay a $50,000 fine and a forfeiture judgment of almost $6.0 million.

This was all well and good, but does not help unless the man is actually there to pay for his crime.

Not that Conn was going to let anyone forget about him. Soon after he disappeared, the fugitive began taunting those involved with the case.

First, it was an e-mail to a reporter claiming that Conn had gone to a non-extradition country. In another communication, he asked that the local media use a different, more flattering mugshot. That was followed by taunting faxes to former colleagues who were now representing Conn’s former clients whom he had screwed over in his scheme.

To date, at least 800 people have lost their Social Security benefits due to Conn’s fraud and at least two people have committed suicide because of this.

Eric Conn Captured!

Details are still pending, but federal officials were able to track Conn first to New Mexico and then eventually to Honduras. Local officials were notified and a SWAT team went in and apprehended Conn outside of a restaurant.

He is expected to be returned to Kentucky promptly.