Douglas Haig Not a Person of Interest in Las Vegas Shooting

Douglas Haig is no longer considered a person of interest in the October 2017 Las Vegas shooting in which Stephen Paddock murdered 58 people. If you want to know more about the latest developments in the police investigation, then keep on reading.

Previously, Mesa, Arizona resident Douglas Haig was a person of interest in the Las Vegas shooting investigation because authorities discovered his name on a box of ammunition inside the gunman’s hotel room, according to an anonymous law enforcement official.

Authorities discovered the box while they were investigating Stephen Paddock’s suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. The box had Haig’s address and name on it, according to Haig’s lawyer, Marc Victor.

“Within hours, they contacted my client,” Victor said.

Douglas Haig Haunted by Encounter

Haig said he had no idea that the man he sold more than 700 rounds of tracer ammunition to would eventually go on a shooting spree.

He explained, “It really starts to get me upset when I heard what he did. I think about it every day. Every day.”

Victor added, “I think what’s more important to know here is that he is aware there are bad people out there and he was on the lookout for that stuff. In this case, there wasn’t anything strange. There wasn’t anything strange about this sell.”

Authorities now believe that Haig had no involvement in or knowledge of Paddock’s shooting spree, according to the anonymous law enforcement official.

The reason why Haig’s name surfaced publicly is that legal staff forgot to redact his name from court documents released on January 30, 2018.

In a TV interview with CBS, Haig said Paddock told him “he was going to go put on a light show” with the 700 rounds of ammunition.

“I’m still racking my brain for what did I miss. Why didn’t I pick this up?” Haig wondered.

Despite months of investigation, authorities have not uncovered a motive for Paddock’s massacre.

Authorities have yet to officially and publicly clear Douglas Haig, but Victor said he doesn’t expect his client to be charged with any crime.