Double Homicide in Towson Home, Baltimore County Police Looking for Suspect

Towson, Maryland is the scene of a mysterious double homicide that was discovered earlier this morning.

We have the latest information on the investigation into this breaking story.

What We Know So Far

Baltimore County police were called to an apartment building at 20 Lambourne Road at approximately 9:19 a.m. this morning, after a maintenance worker came into an apartment and discovered two men, dead.

While the investigation is being treated as a homicide investigation, police have not stated the cause of death beyond that both bodies show multiple signs of trauma. There was also nothing said about any suspects in the double homicide. The identities of both victims are also being kept under wraps.

Building Had Some Issues

The apartment building at 20 Lambourne Road is a secured apartment building, only those with access cards can get into the building. Otherwise, someone in the building has to let them in.

However, the building did have issues with someone trying to get in on March 25. A group of young adults tried to work open the door by yanking and damaging it. It is currently unknown if this incident is related to the double homicide, or how the suspects may have gotten in.