Dorothy Bruns Wiki: Reckless Driver Who Rammed into Two Kids in Brooklyn

Dorothy Bruns drove through a red light on Monday killing two kids and injuring their moms. If you want to know more about the reckless driver whose actions resulted in the loss of two precious lives, then take a look at our Dorothy Bruns wiki.

On Monday afternoon, two families were devastated after two children were struck by a car and killed. One-year-old Joshua Lew, his mother Lauren Lew, four-year-old Abigail Blumenstein, and her mother Ruthie Ann Blumenstein were out on Ninth St. and Fifth Ave. in Park Slope when a car rammed into them at around 12:40 p.m.

The video surveillance shows that the driver was in a white Volvo, and initially seemed to be cautious as she looked both ways before she running a red light. Both kids lost their lives and their mothers were injured.

Witnesses were horrified to see the incident. The identities of the kids, injured mothers, and driver were soon revealed. Below are some facts about the driver, Dorothy Bruns.

Dorothy Bruns’ Wiki

Dorothy Bruns is 44 years old and from Amityville, New York. Currently, she lives in Staten Island. 

Her Facebook bio reads: “The beauty that surrounds me is absolutely breathtaking… Be yourself…. No one is more qualified. [sic]” Her favorite quote is: “I loved him last, He loved me best.”

Her profile also suggests that she has a son named Thomas.There are no details about Bruns’ husband, with no details of her relationship status revealed on her profile. 

Dorothy Bruns Reportedly Has a Medical Condition

After fatally hitting the two children, Bruns told officials that she had a medical condition. She was reportedly taken to NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn.

Her apartment building’s superintendent said, “I hope she didn’t have another seizure.”

The super added, “She was telling me that two months ago she had one when she was driving over the Verrazano Bridge and she stopped the car.”

He explained that she was on medication and hooked up to machines for a while, adding that he knows Bruns is also in pain after the tragic accident, because she also has a child.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time Bruns ran a red light. In the last two years, her car was reportedly cited four times for breaking traffic rules. In the last two years, her car was also charged with speeding through a school zone four times.

When being questioned by authorities, Bruns said that she was waiting at the intersection for the red lights to change and accidentally pressed the accelerator.

What Witness Had to Say

One witness, Jennifer Muñiz, said that she just stepped out of the bank when she noticed the Volvo heading towards Ninth St.

Muñiz said that after hitting the kids and several others, Bruns didn’t look concerned at all. An EMT had Bruns on the stretcher and checked her eyes, before giving the driver her phone and purse.

According to Muñiz, “She was texting on her cell phone like nothing happened. Like she had just parked the car.”

After the accident, Bruns is facing a lot of backlash on social media, with people posting hateful comments on her previous Facebook posts.

The investigations is still ongoing, and no charges have been placed at this time.