Donald and Alison Bovio: Parents Who Allegedly Hit the Now Brain Dead 3-Year-Old Boy

A three-year-old is currently brain dead and on life support after authorities said that his stepfather, Donald Bovio hit him with a belt. Both the stepfather and mother are in custody, and the investigation is ongoing.

In Seneca Falls, New York, Alison and Donald Bovio, both 38, are accused of beating a three-year-old boy with a belt. The boy was reportedly struck multiple times before hitting his head on the floor, and falling unconscious.

The couple are charged with first-degree assault. The boy was so severely injured that he is currently cannot breathe on his own, has no brain activity, and has bleeding on his brain.

Alison Son

Three-Year-Old Victim (Photo: Alison Bovio/

According to reports, Donald Bovio called 911 on May 12 to report that his stepson fell down the stairs of their Seneca Falls apartment complex. When officials arrived at the scene, the boy “was unresponsive and lying on the kitchen floor.”

He was flown to Upstate Medical Center, where doctors concluded that his injuries were not due to a fall, prompting a child abuse investigation.

Alison Bovio is also accused of cooperating her husband to abuse her son. The couple will be indicted on May 17, and additional charges may be filed against them.

Alison Bovio Is from Saugus, Massachusetts

On her Facebook page, Alison Bovio shared many photos of her three-year-old boy. Her bio reads, “The best gift of my life is my son. He is my angel.”

The Saugus, Massachusetts native also lived in Peabody, Massachusetts. In 1999, she graduated from Saugus High School. On September 28, 2017, she started working as a D.S.P. at BassRiver Group Home, based in Massachusetts. It is unknown when the couple moved to New York, or if Alison has a different job in the state.

Donald Bovio Was Previously Charged with Attempted Murder

Donald Bovio is originally from Lynn, Massachusetts, and briefly lived in Peabody, presumably with Alison. 

In 2014, a woman accused Donald of strangling her, and he was charged with attempted murder.

Alison and Donald

Alison and Donald (Photo: Alison Bovio/

The woman explained, “He started squeezing my neck tighter and tighter until I would start convulsing then he would release his grip just enough.” Donald reportedly asked the woman to get her a knife. When she brought back the “dullest and smallest knife she could find,” he said he wanted to carve a star and circle on her abdomen.

According to reports, officials found a superficial cut on the victim’s abdomen. She was able to escape when Donald allegedly went into a “trance-like state.” The woman also told officials that Donald often abused her, but never like that.

In 2014, Donald Bovio was convicted for two counts of assault and battery, and one count of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was reportedly on probation until March 6, 2018. It was sometime after this that he and Alison moved to Seneca Falls with the three-year-old boy, apparently for its cheaper cost of living.

Authorities revealed that the pair has family living nearby in Auburn. The investigation is ongoing, and the couple are being held on $50,000 cash bail.