Diana Lovejoy Wiki: Murder-for-Hire Gone Wrong! Lovejoy Convicted of Attempted Murder

Diana Lovejoy was found guilty of the attempted murder of her now ex-husband Greg Mulvihill on Monday, November 13, 2017. The guilty verdict hit Diana and her accomplice Weldon McDavid Jr. harder than they expected. Lovejoy fainted in the courtroom, after which she was taken to a hospital, and McDavid broke down into tears.

Why did Diana Lovejoy’s husband get shot? In a botched murder-for-hire that took place in 2016, Diana, who was allegedly scared of Gregory Mulvihill, paired up with her shooting instructor to kill her estranged husband. Mulvihill was hit by a bullet, but he survived. Read all about the plot right here in our Diana Lovejoy wiki.

Diana Lovejoy Wiki: Who Is Diana Lovejoy?

Diana Lovejoy went to Mountain View High School in California. The 44-year-old is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego, with a BA in Literature, Psychology, Music, and French.

Once she graduated, she joined Nokia as a lead documentation specialist. She worked at Nokia for four years before joining a software company as a technical writer. After a series of job changes, Lovejoy started her own fitness business in 2008 and worked as a personal trainer and triathlon coach until 2012.


Sentencing update: Diana Lovejoy & Accomplice Sentenced for Botched Murder of Her Husband

Lovejoy and Mulvihill commenced divorce proceedings in 2014. It was a heated, bitter experience, and Lovejoy accused her husband of sexual abuse and mental torture. The couple has a young son, aged five. Joint custody of the boy was granted to Mulvihill, before which he was allowed a 10-hour visit per week to see his child. In the agreement, Lovejoy was to pay Mulvihill $120,000 and apparently the payment was due a few weeks before the shooting.

Diana Lovejoy began taking shooting lessons at a local range, and that’s where she met her instructor and future partner-in-crime, Weldon McDavid. He previously taught another woman named Crystal Harris, who had told him that her husband allegedly raped her repeatedly. McDavid told Dateline NBC that he wanted to “kill” her husband after hearing tapes of Harris being raped.

How Did Lovejoy and McDavid Plan to Kill Mulvihill?

On September 1, 2016, the estranged husband of Diana Lovejoy received a call from McDavid, who was pretending to be a private investigator. He claimed he had documents proving that Mulvihill was abusive.

McDavid said that Mulvihill would find the documents taped to a utility pole somewhere along Avenida Soledad in Carlsbad, California. Mulvihill asked a co-worker to accompany him to the spot, and the two arrived with a flashlight and baseball bat. When they arrived, Mulvihill saw a rifle on the ground, after which he heard a gunshot.

His co-worker was not injured, but Mulvihill suffered a gunshot wound to his side. They sprinted back to their car and drove to a nearby bus stop where they dialed 911.

Investigation and Conviction

Mulvihill was rushed to a hospital and had surgery for his wound. Diana Lovejoy was arrested and shooting instructor McDavid was also brought in for questioning. When investigating officer Scott Stallman questioned McDavid about his involvement in the case, he denied all allegations.

Stallman then suggested that there was DNA evidence linking McDavid to the crime scene, after which McDavid changed his statement. (McDavid had used a towel to wipe himself near the crime scene and left it behind.)

Mulvihill filed for full custody of his son after the shooting. “[The] mother was arrested for my attempted murder. She allegedly hired someone to shoot me,” Mulvihill said in the hearing.

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After further investigation, officers were told that Mulvihill had spotted McDavid in the bushes on his stomach, wearing camouflage and with a rifle in his hands.

After this piece of information was divulged, McDavid testified that he was a former Marine and if he had wanted to kill Mulvihill, he could have. He said all he wanted to do was knock the flashlight out of Mulvihill’s hands, but the bullet hit Mulvihill instead.

The jury was not convinced. McDavid changed his statements and appeared to lack confidence at times. But what sealed the deal for the jury was a statement from Lovejoy’s aunt Diana, who mentioned that Lovejoy had come to her asking if she knew anybody who could kill off or scare Mulvihill.

Though Lovejoy fainted after she heard that she and McDavid had been found found guilty, the jury stood by its verdict. The forewoman said it was “hard when we watched her faint. But that didn’t change any of our verdicts.”

She and Weldon McDavid faced sentences of 25 years to life and 50 years to life, respectively. Lovejoy faced a lesser sentence because she did not pull the trigger. Sentencing was set for December 12, 2017.

On January 31, 2018, Diana Lovejoy was sentenced to 26 years to life. She reportedly cried during her statement to the judge, “I could never be able to do that, and it’s so painful that some people in the world would think I would have it in me to do this.”

While ex-husband Mulvihill appeared in court for the sentencing, he remained silent and left soon after Lovejoy’s sentence was read.

For his part in the alleged murder-for-hire plot, Weldon McDavid got 50 years to life. “There was no intent to kill,” McDavid maintained at the hearing. “That’s not who I am.”

In a Dateline interview, which aired on NBC in March 2018, McDavid said he regretted his affair with Lovejoy more than the attempted murder and conspiracy for which he was convicted.

“If there was only one thing I can take away I would take [sleeping with Lovejoy] away because I hurt my wife, and that means more to me than anything.”