Devyn Holmes: Man Shot in Cadillac Coleman Facebook Live Video Is on Life Support

An accidental shooting at a gas station has put the life of Devyn Holmes on life support. On Saturday (March 31) morning, Holmes and two others were sitting in a car and playing with a gun. Here is what you need to know about the case.

Two men and one woman who were in a car at a Valero gas station off Southmore Boulevard in Houston, Texas were playing with a gun in a Facebook Live video.

The woman was sitting in the passenger seat and accidentally shot Holmes in the head. After he was shot, the two others are seen leaving the car. Holmes was taken to a hospital and is currently on life support. The investigation is still ongoing, and police have reportedly questioned the woman in the video. 

The video is very graphic, and not suitable for all viewers. Click here to watch the video.


This video may show violent or graphic content.

In the video, Holmes says that he is “nervous” when the woman takes the gun. While fooling around with it, the weapon then goes off, hitting Holmes.

Who Is Devyn Holmes?

Holmes’ Facebook profile states that he is from Galveston, Texas but lives in Beaumont. He attended Ball High School and La Marque High School. He graduated from Lamar University in 2013.

Devyn Holmes

Devyn Holmes (Photo: Devyn Holmes/Facebook)

He is fluent in French, Spanish, and Serbian. Holmes is said to have two daughters, one of whom is still very young, and a regular feature on his Facebook page. 

Many people, both those who know Holmes and those who do not, have sent their thoughts and prayers to him and his family through Facebook, and comments on YouTube, where the video of his shooting was eventually posted. 

Who Is Cadillac Coleman?

The Facebook Live video was posted on Cadillac Coleman’s account. He is from Houston, Texas and also studied at Lamar University. Coleman works at Woss Ness.

Cadillac Coleman

Cadillac Coleman (Photo: Facebook/Cadillac Coleman)