Devyn Holmes: The Man Shot on Facebook Live in Houston, Texas

In a horrible turn of events, Devyn Holmes was accidentally shot by a woman, and is currently on life support. A lot of people took to his Facebook page with their prayers. Below are some details about Devyn Holmes.

The issue of gun violence in America is a highly spoken about subject. Cases of accidental gun firings are only increasing in number, and a recent incident left a man fighting for his life.

Late Saturday (March 31) night, Devyn Holmes and two others, a male and female, were sitting in a car at a Valero gas station in Houston, Texas. They were shooting a Facebook Live video, in which there was a gun. 

The three are seemingly joking around when the woman grabbed the gun and pointed it towards the camera. Holmes seemingly grabs her hand as a precaution.

She then points the gun to his head, and the weapon was fired. The horrific incident was recorded on Cadillac Coleman’s Facebook Live. The video, which shows the two leave the car after Holmes is shot, has since been reposted multiple times online.

Holmes was taken to a hospital is reportedly on life support.

Who Is Devyn Holmes?

Holmes’ Facebook page lists him as being from Galveston, Texas but living in Beaumont Texas. In 2009, he graduated from Ball High School and in 2013, he graduated from Lamar University.

Holmes listed that he fluent in three languages: French, Spanish, and Serbian. His favorite quote is, “U get on dat horse u got to ride it [sic].” His last Facebook post was on the same day he was accidentally shot.

Holmes also has a five-year-old daughter. They celebrated her fifth birthday on March 10, 2018. She is featured in a lot of his Facebook photos. He reportedly has an older daughter as well. 

Devyn Holmes with Daughter

Devyn Holmes with Daughter

Comments on His Facebook Page

Since seeing the video, many commented on Holmes’ Facebook page with their thoughts of what happened, as well as thoughtful messages hoping for his recovery. Some theorized that the shooting was not accidental, while others are speculating what will happen to the female shooter, and Coleman, whose Facebook page the live stream video was posted on. 

Who Is Cadillac Coleman?

The horrific video was recorded on Cadillac Coleman’s Facebook Live. His personal Facebook page suggests that he is from Houston and still lives there. He attended Forest Brook High School. Authorities reportedly spoke to the woman in the video, who told them the shooting was accidental. 

Cadillac Coleman

Cadillac Coleman (L) with Devyn Holmes (R) (Photo: Facebook/Cadillac Coleman)