Devyn Holmes’ Health Update: Condition Stable and Recovering

Late Saturday (March 31) night, 26-year-old Devyn Holmes was accidentally shot in the head by 25-year-old Cassandra Damper on a Facebook Live video. After the incident, Holmes was rushed to the hospital and put on life support. Now, his relatives took to social media to give an update on his condition.

A Facebook video that went viral shows the tragic moment when Devyn Holmes was allegedly accidentally shot in the head. Holmes was in the car with Cassandra Damper and Cadillac Coleman at a Valero gas station in Houston, Texas.

In the video, Holmes can be heard saying, “You’re making me nervous” when Damper grabs the gun and waves it around. Coleman, who was sitting in the back of the car said, “It ain’t got no clip, bud.”

Damper is seen waving around the gun before she accidentally pulls the trigger and ends up shooting Holmes. He was rushed to Ben Taub Hospital in Houston and was put on life support.

A lot of prayers and thoughtful messages were posted on Holmes’ Facebook page. To let people know about his health condition, his family recently gave an update on Holmes’ health condition.

Devyn Holmes Facebook Image

Photo: Facebook/Devyn Holmes

What His Family Is Saying

One of his presumed relatives, Dekenia Mcneal, provided updates on Facebook, saying that he is breathing and responding on his own. She also added that prayers are still coming in for him.

Mcneal is upset about the fact that people are still sharing the video of Holmes’ shooting. She asked people to stop acting like “investigators,” and instead keep him in their thoughts.

Holmes’ older brother, Kendric, also took to Facebook to say that Devyn’s health was improving. He also had an emotional plea for strangers online to stop sharing the video of his brother’s shooting. 

Holmes’ father, Allen Tyler, also shared positive news about his son.

Damper and Coleman were taken into custody and questioned by authorities. Though it looks like Damper shot Holmes in the video, she was arrested and only charged with homicide related tampering of evidence.

Sandy Dee

Photo: Facebook/sandode

Currently, authorities are investigating the case further and trying to determine if any foul play was involved. Holmes’ family asked everybody to keep him in their prayers and wish for his speedy recovery.